Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What next!?

It's been a busy week or three about the lives I live. Both those inside and outside of EvE have been a busy bustle of activity.

Real life is the life of a IT geek in a lean staffed expanding company. Always doing some thing, or being asked to go some place, be that physically or virtually, to do some thing else. I hear we have a bad economy yet I am fortunate to be doing well for now.

Inside the game HCSH has hired 2 new pilots both with a keen sense of mining. So I decided to re-light the Corp. goal of building a Orca which will be finished by the end of the week. My 3rd account is maturing well with a baked Hulk pilot, a charon pilot, and a third slot for future plans.

SOB has recently gone on a pilgrimage to max out his mining, refining, lab and manufacturing skills. After which he will most likely finish out the last science skills to build anything sub cap Caldari T2.

ZombiNutz finished his manticore training and added Amarr frigates to his list rounding out all races for frigates. He is doing a little leadership skill training and then will work on his Lazorz of doom. Perhaps booster his armor tanking a bit.

However right now I am with out an alliance, running 2 small but happy corps., and a little bit lost again for what to do next. Sure I could build capital ships and T2 ships and sell them for ISK. I have a solid mining crew now who can churn out the materials for such. I could work on my miserable standings with the gallente but well grinding missions makes me want to barf. Perhaps some kind of lowsec venture. One that I can fit into my RL schedule. Who knows what comes next. I've even been given opportunity to venture back to NULL in both PvP and indy sense.

All I know is there are many tings left to do and if I change nothing. My EvE life and RL fit well together right now. I have good people who I consider friends in my corps. and we are generally happy doing what we are. Some times change is not the answer I guess. Am I really needing one?



Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wardecs, Politics, and all that crap!

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and given some attention to my blog. Far too long to show any respect for the few that read it or my own sense of recording my EVE life. Regrets aside for the long break I do have some things to post and update.

First big news is that HCSH and HCRND are no longer part of the PIES alliance. Sadly a wardec was the catalyst to cause an internal crumbling and well the leader of the Alliance decided to attack key members for plotting against him and pretty much told everyone to get out. Well sitting back in my humble little corps. It was not too hard to see that the leader had lost the plot and the few that I flew with often were out the door. Kind of sad but oddly not shocking.

I am maintaining a relationship with a number of former alliance member corps and continue to work with them I did inside the alliance. Many potential future paths we all could take but for now I am content to research the living snot of out BPOs, mine rocks, and run missions with my corpies.

Growing the corp. has been pretty much non-existent with folks joining then leaving because we don’t have enough members. I am VERY honest with folks applying that we are growing slowly but hey folks get lonely I guess. A hint, might not want to join a corp. called Healthcare for Space Hermits if you’re the lonely type…. :)

As for the wardec it was apparently on account of former alliance members throwing disrespectful smack talk around. Unfortunate and unnecessary way to incur a war, but one that I guess is common. I spent some time shooting the breeze with the CEO of the declaring carp. Nice enough fellow just looking for some fun and a little pay back for the slanderous comments. I had fit some manticore and wolf boats up to fight in the war. It seems they fielded a small gang of T3 ships and got a few cheap kills here and there at gates and stations. They managed to get one of my corp members who flew with an outdated clone. It was a harsh lesson to learn as 3M SP just went pop along with his pod. We replaced his ship and I bought him a set of +3 implants (offered +4’s but he could not use them) to help get him back under way. Saved him a day towards flying his lost hulls.

So I am not dead, nor have I emo rage quit or moved on to other games. I am still out here in space at the helm of 2 small corporations. Still doing the Highsec carebear thing for now.