Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August 2012

The blur of summer with my kids on vacation and the many changing facets of EvE in that time leaves me a little lost as to where to begin.  With that I simply must begin so here goes.

First thing: HealthCare for Space Hermits is no more (including sub R&D corps as well). Basically that chapter is done and frankly was boring the sh!t out of me. I had lost interest in EvE and was going through the motions week after week. No slight on the alliance HCSH was in or the folks who were in it. Super awesome bunch of folks who like highsec living. I was just done with empire 100% of the time. Thanks to all the folks who were part of my little corp. over the last few years. Fly safe and live well.

Second thing: Zombinutz’s adventures with The Silent Trust Alliance is also no more. I got tired (as did the member corps) of the alliance talking big and doing nothing. No slight there, had some fun with the member corps. I finished my chimera training and used it for logistics and combat.  I got some kills, flew some fleets and lived in lowsec for a bit. So all good and best of luck to those I flew with. Fly dangerous and live short brilliant lives. I may never return to Khanid space, except perhaps to gather up my stuff and GTFO.

Biggest thing: I founded a new corp: “Industrial DeResolution” and joined a W-space alliance. I moved into a C1 and have been living in here for 3 weeks or so now. DERES is a Small corp. still but comfortable with the C1 and the isk it generates. The new corp. is basically combine so to speak. If it’s in the WH it’s ours and we all work the WH and the spoils are split between the corp. wallet and active members. It’s basically a group of old EVE mates who were looking for a change. That change is more PvP, some place new, and well we still build stuff too. I was introduced to the alliance through an old HCSH mate who had moved on. So far it’s all smooth sailing and super fun. Not sure where this will go, but well I want to log in again. So it's a good thing.

I am finding W-Space a good blend of PvP and opportunity to make isk. I like the solitude of it with the danger (and pray) lurking in the shadows. The "fog of war" aspect of the PvP works for me as well and keeps it interesting. I get to use all the 0.0 space toys (well not Moms and titans) and well targets come to me mostly or we find each other in day trips through secondary WHs. I am far from an expert on WH yet and I have many “lessons” (exploded pixels) to learn in here, but EvE is fun again. 

Industry in the WH is also pretty cool too. I can mine ABC rocks with some care pretty much openly which means I can build hulls end to end without spending any isk. With T2 minerals and alchemy balances I might setup a nice little T2 manufacturing shop as well. I could make T3's but well for now the PI alone makes me happy. The logistics of the C1 is challenging for sure with the max jump sizes etc. However it’s more a matter of planning and many smaller loads. Kinda takes me back to early days before I had a freighter or jump freighter. A simpler time when the Itty V was king.

Well not much else to say right now. As I get my feet wetter and have more things to post I shall. I try to at least post once a month, which might be lame, but it’s about what I find the time for right now. Seems I skipped July, opps! At least I am into EvE more again and should have more to post about.