Tuesday, August 31, 2010

LowSec Frigate Cage fight: Good idea or BORING?!?

My own ranting has left me considering a more positive reaction to apparent dwindling of solo PvP action. The idea in my head is simple and revolves around organizing a last pilot standing fight to the death for as many brave and/or crazy frigate pilots who choose to sign up and enter the “CAGE” system to fight.

Of course there will be an entry fee, rules, and prizes for the participants all wrapped into a semi regular event where frigate junkies can get there solo PvP on. Sure you could bring a group, but in the end only one pilot gets the gravy.

The draft rules are simple (and open to suggestion):

- 5M to enter with all ISK going to the Last Frigate flying in fleet (minus fleet referee)
- T1 non faction frigates only with any fittings.
- All entrants join a single fleet and fighting begins when they enter the “CAGE” system
- If you leave the “CAGE” system you are removed from the fleet.
- If you dock in anything in the “CAGE” system you are removed from the fleet.

- If you are in your pod you are removed from the fleet.
- Once removed from the fleet you are out of the fight and no ISK for you.
- Gate crashing the system is allowed and expected.

- No restrictions on implants or boosters.
- Faction/T2 frigates or above are not allowed unless a gate crasher. :)

Fittings are unlimited as warping to fleet member will be allowed and should take care of the cloakers and folks who safe up. The “CAGE” system region will be in LowSec and easy to reach from Null or Empire space. The region will be announced to entrants a week before and the CAGE system 1 hour before the bell.

It’s a simple idea, might have been done before. I think it would be a fun event and I am looking for feedback from the community and bloggers. Perhaps some donated promo art if the graphically inclined a like the idea **hint hint*. Some linkage to the idea and comments if fellow bloggers wish to offer some support **hint hint**. A pilot date and time will be published based on feed back and interest.

Just an Idea, but let me know if you think it’s a good one or just plain BORING!



Who painted the big “RUN AWAY” on my rifter!?!?

It’s funny but as I write this I am a very VERY frustrated PvP pilot. Sure I have not had/dedicated a lot of time of late to PEW PEW. That is just RL being a jerk as it can be. However I find it annoying that I have a dedicated PvP character that is now well schooled in Frigate death skills. Said pilot is also a member of a providence based alliance with several active wars and daily operations in 0.0. Said pilot also has been spending all his time meandering around various LowSec spaces of late with hardly a lock attempt in many hours of trying to pick a fight.

Some say solo PvP is dead and while I try not to feel this way. I cannot for the life of me find a fight in LowSec right now. Sure I might be looking in the wrong places or just have bad timing. I will admit that I am no seasoned pirate/hunter by a long shot. However I am disheartened that even a gang of 5 noobs in a fleet of rifters fail to have a crack at me flying solo in a rifter. I mean WHAT THE F**K kind of kittens are these people?!?!? Do I need to fit a mining laser to my bloody rifter before you will take me on in a 5:1 fight!?! I mean it’s not like I am a 6 year old character flying a bloody Dramiel!!!

Last night was another great example of my options as a PvP pilot. I could have easily jump cloned back down to 0.0 and joined a gate camp and been on 5 kill mails as the fleet snagged nosy stealth bombers on the gates in our pocket. The thing is gate camping bores the shit out of me and frankly makes cry a little every time 10 of us melt a stealth bomber on a gate. I mean the lame 7 kills I have on Battleclinic could easily be 30 by now if I just took part in the daily gate camps in the pocket. However this also is Anti solo PvP, even if it is important to defend space. I have spent many hours camping gates locking down systems while the big guns do their work. Long hours orbiting a gate praying for a gate fire that is not friendly. Sure important work, but as dull as mining and frankly pretty damn dull PvP.

Perhaps I need to find a small gang PvP Corp. and dedicate at least one night a week for 4+ hours to the cause. A few of my kills are fleet based while moving from point A to point B in the Corp. Those few kills were by far the most fun for me. The thrill of the chase or being chased culminating in a fight where there are staggered odds but a fighting chance for either side to win. Not I got the point on the Stealth Bomber this time before it gets melted in 10 seconds or less. Whoopi, I get to post the KM.

Anyhow, just frustrated at solo PvP right now and while some days I am the problem being too hesitant to engage. Other times like last night I cannot even get a gang of 5 rifters to attack me. Come help me out if you in the Hasama pocket of The Citadel. I typically head in through Mara from Lonetrek. Come fight me in a T1 frigate. Shit bring a blob if you are too big of a sissy to try and solo a wet behind the ears rifter pilot. If you want to fleet up and roam, great. If you want to fleet up and then warp to me for an easy kill at this point I’d almost thank you for the fight. In game mail ZombiNutz if you cannot find me online. I am typically on post 10pm US Eastern, but a few days a week I can pretty much be on any time of day.



Whole bunch of cat and mouse…

I was out again last night for a bit in “Dead Rifter #1” flittering about some 0.4 systems looking for people to shoot. There were 12 in local with an average pilot age of 6 months so I liked my chances. I created some safes and started hopping around the belts and planets looking for one of the 5 other rifters in system. It soon became apparent that the five other rifters were a gang of young pilots trying to snag miners. Smack talk in local gave that away when they failed to tackle a 1 month old account mining in an Osprey.

I warped in at 30 on two of them a few times and expected a fight. Sadly they turned tail and ran to a nearby planet. I followed and took a gamble at landing at 0. They landed at 50 and warped off to the sun, I followed at 40 with them at 100. I headed to a nearby asteroid belt at 0 and waited for them to get brave and land on me in a group. They must have been spooked as all 5 hit the gate to high with me landing and locking the last one moments before he jumped. /sigh

Next a gang of 8 HACs rolled into the system and started camping one of the stations. Smack in local seemed they were camping a former corp. ember that had moved on. Was a bit of fun to read the smack, but their presence in system scattered whoever else was in local. So I bounced a few systems into low looking for the next chance to turn my guns on.

Unfortunately for me local was barren and the time was getting late. I was frustrated to the point of ratting for the sake of shooting something, but decided to dock up for the night and give it another run tomorrow. I either really suck at solo PvP or simply am hunting crappy systems. Might be time for a suicide run into War target land but even the last time I did that I saw one WT who ran.:(

Either way I am trying hard to log as much time in Low hunting as I am clicking extractors. Hoping to appear on a Kill Mail real soon.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Datacore snippit...

A little bit of extra info on datacores and R&D agents and skillz. Basically even with a level 1 agent training the relevent skill to higher levels results in more Reasearch Points a day.

An example of this is with a crappy lvl 1 -15 agent I got 10RP a day for Skill I and 60RP a day for Skill IV in Caldari starship Engineering. As LVL IV is only 3 ish days. It's worth while training any account doing R&D to LVL 4 in the science skill associated with the datacore research.

So spend an extra few days in training and get way more RP a day for free. It also makes those daily "Ferry this report 2 systems to the left" missions worth quite a bit more.



Back to work…

I’ve been off work the last week spending time with my mini-clones before they return to school. It was a great week spent at the beach or on a bike. Kind of blows to be back at my desk fixing virtual servers and missing the family but at least it gives me time to blog. Lord knows this place needs some fresh material.

Sadly there was little EVE time this week save my daily impersonation of a click macro as I restarted my P.I. extractors. I’ve got about 14 planets running now in highsec, and they make me about 150M ISK a month. I am working on a post on that as a follow up to my bit on making free ISK via P.I. so enough of that for now.

I actually logged a few hours on ZombiNutz hunting in lowsec. I went from lonetrek down into Manjonakko and flew about for a while looking tasty in my rifter. Sadly no bites and not much of anyone about the belts to fight and the gates were clear. On my way out I happened across a moa and a Hawk on a belt in Aurohuen. The Moa pilot was only 6 months old, but the Hawk pilot was 4 years. I warped in at 70KM and was about 40 off the pair who appeared to be ratting. The Hawk started after me and I held distance while I did a little research on the pilot etc. In the end I decided to hit a safe and look for some footage of rifter vs. hawk fights. I found a few, formed a strategy and then realized that local had spiked by 6 and there was a small gang flittering about. It was late so I parked it for the night. Sadly I am becoming a PvP pedant and still have a hard time just diving in. Frustrated at myself still as fleet wise I have no problem diving in 100%, solo I hesitate to do my homework and miss the whole event. SAD SOB!

The death race went very well it seems. Once again I logged in 10 minutes too late with Persephone Astrid winning the event. I knew I was not able to make the race itself this time without some major wife agro and skipping a family event. If I had of had the free time a stiletto was my ship of choice. Manasi posted his fit for the race here which was similar to what I had in mind. I’ll admit with my skills and budget I was looking to spend a good deal less. The good news is it seems as Rixx will be doing another Death Race in the future. Here is hoping I can make this one.

Now that the summer is winding down and the kids are heading back to school. I hope my EVE time picks up again. The training schedules have unlocked some fun toys across the board for all 4 of my characters. My passive income has completely replaced any need to turn on a mining laser. Such my hulk has not undocked in 2 months and I’ve slowly been churning out small batches of stiletto, hawks, jaguars, and Manticore. All the invention datacores are provided via R&D now as well. So life on the ranch goes well. I just need to get my PvP on.



Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dream Ships - Me Me

So Astral posted this MeMe over on his blog. So I thought I would take a moment to reply what each of my avatars would dream about if they could have any ship based on their place in the grand scheme of it all. So here goes:


As a self respected carebear and space hermit. The ultimate ship would be the roquel. It's a home away from home where this grumpy old bugger can be at peace. I can also fit clones vat bays meaning he would NEVER have to set foot in another crowded station again.

Sister Janice:

One of the nuns that work on the carebear ranch she is a proud woman who considers her work above anything else. As a result a Rhea is her dream ship as it represents the ultimate in all she does as a hauler pilot.

Sister Juliette:

The second nun employed by the carebear ranch. This girl is a nun only in name and likes all things to be cheap and disposable. When it comes to men she likes them drunk, easy, and never at her place. The less she has to do with the after the "job" is done the better. So her dream ship is am IBIS. They are free and get whatever job done that she needs.


The fine young Caldari pilot of war has a thrill for blowing stuff up. He has many passions on the battle field from extreme speed to pretty big explosions. Hence his dream ship is the Ragnarok as it's the fastest of the biggest and packs a mighty large explosion. It HAS to be the one for ZombiNutz.

Of course all this could be taken as a bit of fun, or I might be serious.



Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Making Free ISK VOL 2: Planetary Interaction - ISK for Clicks

We all like ISK because well it empowers us to expand our EVE worlds. While ISK is not the only thing standing between us and that titan (thankfully). It's a pretty darn important item for most of what we do in EVE. There are many ways to make ISK but today we will talk about one method to make ISK with little to no time invested. Making Free ISK is a new series of articles focusing on passive incomes. None of it is new information. I am just filtering out the smack talk and trolling for all to read.

Planetary Interaction - Free ISK for Clicks a Day.

So with Tyrannis came Planetary Interaction. While folks might belly ache about it as far as expansions go. The true be told P.I. has made folks millions all ready, based on traders who stockpiled the goods when they were NPC traded. Then sold them for MAJOR profits. That boat has sailed but P.I. is a great source of passive income that requires little training and about 30 minutes a day in actual work.

OK first things first training. A basic ALT will need the following skills to scan planets and drop an advanced command center on 4 of them:

Command Center Upgrades IV - 450,00 ISK
Interplanetary Consolidation III - 450,000 ISK
Remote Sensing III (needs Science III to train) - 250,000 ISK

So for 1,150,000 ISK and about 6 days of training (assuming you have Science III) you are now ready for the planets. One of the biggest things I can tell you to consider next is what you want to build. The mentality of starting with an end product in mind and working backwards is the best advice any one can give you here. I'd go a little further and say that keeping it simple allows for more turn over and hence more ISK. Sticking with P2 products and perhaps some commodities made from a number of P2/3 items is the way to go. I have had little luck with P4 products in Highsec, even if it's possible to make them. Choose products based on the local markets. Robotics, mechanical parts, Nuclear reactors, etc are good places to start. Remember you only have 4 plants with advanced command centers based on the training above. I am not going to tell you what to produce or map out the colonies for you. More get you thinking on your own. Choose 4 P2 products that sell well and go from there.

OK so you have taken my advice and picked 4 P2 products to build. Which means you need 8 P1 products and hence 8 P0 Products. You are going to need at least 8 basic Processors and 4 advanced processors to get it done. Next it's time to break those down into planets and P0 items. I am not going to list all 8 planet types and what of the 15 P0 items can be found on each. I will simply link a good source in this spreadsheet. Look at what you are trying to make and break it down into a list of P0 Items. Mechanical parts for example requires Base and Noble Metals as P0 items. Furthermore both these items can be extracted from a Barren planet. WIN!

OK now it's time to find planets to build all this on. I is fairly safe to say that the lower the systems security rating the more yield a planet has. So speaking highsec that means finding a cluster of 0.5-0.6 systems that has all the planet types you need. Taking mechanical parts as an example you will need a barren planet that has a good source of base and noble metals. By a good source I mean about 138000 of each every 23 hours. The number 138000 is basically the maximum amount of P0 materials a basic processor can handle in a 23 hour day. Also bear in mind that basic processors run in 30 minute cycles, so make sure you extractors produce at least 3000 cumulative P0 items every 30 minutes. If you do this you get 920 of each P1 metal type every day. An advanced processor cycles every hour and takes in 40 units each of the two P1 items it needs to make the P2. This means that your 920 P1 items runs that extractor for 23 hours and produces 115 P2 items every 23 hour day. As the EVE day is actually 23 hours. this is the perfect storm. Oh and 115 mechanical parts at 5,500 ISK each is 632500 ISK a day or about 18,975,00 ISK a month. Now you are feeling me when I say "Free ISK for Clicks a day!"

OK so I just got you moving towards potentially 80M ISK a month for what amounts to 30 minutes a day in clicking and a few trips in a badger Mk1 every few days. If you want to know more details I'll be doing a follow up article on the care bear ranches current P.I setup with pretty pictures of my colonies, what I make, and rough numbers of the profits.



Friday, August 13, 2010

Making free ISK Vol 1: Datacores - EVEs free lunch.

We all like ISK because well it empowers us to expand our EVE worlds. While ISK is not the only thing standing between us and that titan (thankfully). It's a pretty darn important item for most of what we do in EVE. There are many ways to make ISK but today we will talk about one method to make ISK with little to no time invested. Making Free ISK is a new series of articles focusing on passive incomes. None of it is new information. I am just filtering out the smack talk and trolling for all to read.

Datacores - The true free lunch in EVE.

Datacores are valuable items to inventors trying to make that T2 BPC as part of the process of building T2 ships. As a result there is a fairly stable market out there for datacores that for the most part is not too affected by the market traders. The awesome part of datacores is you get them through research projects with R&D agents.

The basic idea is to find yourself a NPC corporation that has R&D agents. There are quite a few out there and I recommend http://eve-agents.com/ for finding them. I'd add that finding a NPC corp. that also has a good number of other mission agents is a good idea. It's a good idea as the only way to unlock higher grade R&D agents is via missions and standing.

Ok you have found a R&D agent that will talk to you now it's time to look at the agents info for the "Research Services" section. Under here it has the types of datacores you can have a research project for with that agent. Now not all datacores are equal and typically each one sells for between 100-300K ISK each. So select one that sells for a decent price and hit the market. What you are looking for is the science skill that matches the datacore type. Example. Caldari Starship Engineering Skill = Datacore - Caldari Starship Engineering that sell for 100-120K ISK each.

OK buy the skill book and train it to the same level as the agents "Research Services" listing for that skill. Once this is done go talk to the agent and start research. In your journal under the research tab, you will now have an entry. It will tell you how many RP/DAY and how many you have. WAIT A SECOND EVE SOB. THOSE SCIENCE SKILLS ARE 10M ISK EACH!!! Yeap, they are but with even the crappiest level 1 R&D agent and the least valued datacore can net you about 2-3M ISK a month for sitting on your ass. Meaning 10M gets paid for quickly.

So your now racking up RP every day and soon enough you will want to cash them in. Simply head over to the system where the agent is at. Start a conversation and choose "Buy datacores". Enter the number you want to buy (The max number will be in the pop-up). Now you have datacores to sell. Simple and easy right? The best part the research goes on forever until you choose to stop.

OK! So your all hopped up on free ISK and you want more. You might remember a few paragraphs ago I suggested finding a Corp. with both R&D and mission agents. To get more of the pie the first step is to grind standings and unlock high level R&D agents. The higher the agent the more RP you get a day, and hence the more datacores to sell for free ISK. So make some active income grinding missions to increase the passive income potential of you research projects. Once you have unlocked a higher agent. You need to cancel research with the old agent (and loose any RP with them) and start research with the new agent. Simple stuff, well you will also need to train the relevant science skill to the level of the agent but hey that's easy stuff that can be done while running the missions.

SO Mr. SOB, why can I not just have 2 research projects going? Well you can but it takes skill, the Research Project Management skill to be exact. Each level trained adds a research project slot per level to a max of 6 slots. It's got some steep requirements and the skill alone costs 40M ISK. However with level 4 R&D agents unlocked and 6 potential projects. You can net some major ISK a month if you invest.

All right here is an example of how a VERY basic ALT can be making you 2.5-7M ISK a month.

I recently took a P.I alt of mine who is basically trained in some planetary skills and can fly a badger, but otherwise brand new. I added 9 days worth of training in learning and science skills to her queue. These skills cost me ~14.5M ISK from my Indy corps wallet. She now brings in about 24 Datacores a month with a level 1 Q15 agent. The net value of those datacores is only 2.5M ISK. However she feeds them back into the corps. invention jobs. She ground no standings and only trained these skills past her base Skill set:

Instant Recall I-III
Analytical Mind I-IV
Learning I- III
Logic I-III
Science III-V
Mechanic III-V
Caldari Starship Engineering I

You can save 4.5M ISK at the cost of 1 extra days training by dropping Logic I-III. But for a brand new Caldari Alt this is pretty short work for 2.5M a month, which could have easily been 7M a month is I choose a different datacore type to research.




Well damn. I guess I am a loyal pony. I took the quiz over at Leady in Red. My results are below.

EVE SOB's Result: Loyal Pony
on quiz: EVE Online - Are you an emo rage quitter?

You most likely have been playing EVE for quite some time.
You have stuck by this game despite all the lag, bugs, imbalances and other
crap CCP never get around to fixing. You may not always be happy with the way
CCP prioritizes things, but you still think EVE is best MMO out there and there
is nothing quite like it. You consist of the majority of players in EVE,
somewhat unhappy with many things, yet you are committed to stay and hope
things get better.

Quiz SchoolTake this quiz & get your result

Monday, August 9, 2010

Odds and Ends Monday.

Well here we are on a fine sunny Summer Monday after a spectacular weekend of outdoor fun in the Sun. Yes you guessed it there was very little time for EVE this weekend for me. I did manage to cook a few thousand units of Nanite repair paste and sell them. Oh and I set my skill queue as well. I got frustrated and cloned jumped ZombiNutz back to Null to make more use of his training implants. LIMBO returns. Really though it was a SWEET weekend away from EVE, so I’ll stop grumbling. So the news about the EVE traps is as follows:

PLEX go BOOM times 74!

Big topic in the news today is the poor schmuck who decided to undock with 74 PLEX in his kestrel only to get popped in Jita. Kill mail here. So many have added a comment or two about this, there is a forum thread at 16 pages about it as well. For me it’s simple really. CCP made PLEX like any other item in the game. I tend to agree with Mandrill’s post about it here.


- It’s got a dedicated blog: http://deathrace.evepress.com/
- It has a party ship: http://podlogs.com/mikeazariah/2010/08/07/334/
- It has some SICK prizes: http://deathrace.evepress.com/2010/08/more-prizes.html
- Drop your 5M ISK today and get your Deathrace on.

EVE SOB IC stories coming soon.

All right so not really big deal news, but I am working on some In Character posts based around two of my alts. The Sisters are a pair of NUNs who work on the carebear ranch doing the daily mundane tasks and logistics runs. Yeap, with an intro like this it does prove to be a snore fest, but with some sordid pasts and two very different personalities and dreams. Sister Janice and Sister Juliette are providing me with some inspiration to write a bit of IC work and build a semi regular fiction series about them. So get your deep inner NUN fetish primed and ready. Be warned, I am not an English major or professional writer (WTF! GET OUT!) so this might be some BAD fiction.



Monday, August 2, 2010

How do you unplug from the POD?

With all the tension in the community around the game being broken and CCP not giving a shit I could throw my 2c into the mess. However for me the biggest thing broken about my EVE time is the lack of it. Now before you get all grumpy and accuse me of not giving a shit too. Consider that I do care about EVE and have from time to time had a gripe or two about the game and how it could be better. Yet if I really truly was so bent out of shape about the game being all busted. I’d quit and go find other things to do, plain and simple.

Truth be told a lot of folks could do with a break from the POD life. While Incarna is defiantly a future part of EVE that will allow for this, I am actually talking about spending time away from EVE doing fun things. In doing so reduce the focus on the negative and allow you to return to the positive in the game.

So what I am asking here is folks to list things they do to unplug from the POD. You know things like hobbies, sports, or perhaps other games *gasp* you might play aside from EVE. Whatever it is that you do that is not EVE Online as a past time feel free to list them.

MY methods for UNPLUGING from the POD:

- Cycling: - I have a mountain bike and I find when I take it out for a few laps of the trails all the things I am angry about melt away. Even if I am only skilled to "Sissy trails IV".

- R/C Helicopters: - I have flown R/C planes most of my life, but about 7 years ago I bought a R/C heli to monkey with but becoming a father cut it short. Flash forward 7 years and two children and I am now re-discovering the challenges of flying these things.

- Fatherhood: - Nothing rips me from the POD like my kids. Lately they have been watching the AVATAR: The last Air bender animated series with me. Pig piled on the sofa with a huge tub of popcorn. Good times. Oh and taking them to swimming lessons or the park etc. good stuff.

- Hammock swinging: - I’d much rather spend some time in my hammock swinging in the summer breeze than station spin ships any day.

- Cooking: - My mother decided it was wise for her only son (I have 3 sisters) to be able to fend for himself. As a result I have always loved to cook as a way to unwind from the day and make tasty meals. I even trained to be a chief for a year, but decided that turning a passion into a job sucked hard. Hmm…apply this to a video game and well you get the drift.

That’s by no means the full list but you get the idea. When EVE makes me mad and I could emo rage quit whist spewing venom all over my blog and the forums. I find myself turning to one/many of the above past times to calm the FUCK down. They also work when WoW/work/traffic on I495 drives me crazy as well. Well I don’t play WoW anymore, but they worked back when I did.



Where in the Universe is EVE SOB - August 2010

It is time for this month’s “Where in the Universe is EVE SOB” post where every month I summarize where I am at in EVE. I also throw in some real world stuff and the top CNN headline of the day for a historical WTF was the world doing back then element.

Where am I?

So things were moving a little less in the real world and a little more EVE this past month. It might be for the most part me doing a lot of double clicking in PI. However I have been undocking in rifters more looking for trouble as I pick my way about LowSec. I am also grinding away at standings with a few key R&D agent corps to add free invention datacores and passive income.

How’s building stuff doing?

Stiletto, manticore, Hawk, Jaguar, and Wolf T2 frigates are being made at the ranch now. It’s a slow process and it still needs refining to make it truly profitable. However it’s nice to provide cost effective AF to Zombinutz at the least. I took a break from all science and industry to finish out SonOfBraben’s assault frigate training. I’d rather run LvL 2-3’s in an Assault frigate as the ammo is cheaper than the Brutix and it moves a little bit faster.

I’ve settled to making nanite repair paste with most of the PI stuff I have going on. It may only yield a few million a day, but at this point the colonies are paid for and on those days where I log in and double click about 500 times I make ~4m ISK for it. Not awesome, but for highsec 30 mins a day stuff it’s not so lame.

How’s shooting stuff doing?

So I’ve been taking my rifter out and about in LowSec trying to find the allusive solo PvP fights. I am yet to lose a rifter but also yet to kill anything solo in one either. I’ve locked up a few folks. A stiletto made it to the gate before I could pop him, a rifter in a belt called for backup the second I locked him, and there is this harbinger that now know pretty well.

Someday I hope to post “A Tale of 5 dead rifters” first real episode however for now it’s just a lot of me GTFO or missing kills. Oh and I hit 10M Skill points last month on this “Combat” pilot. :)

What Skills am I training?

SonOfBraben: Drones for a bit now. Having rounded out the skills for an Ishkur. I am now determined to skill up to add some serious teeth its drone bay. Then back to science skills for a year.

Zombinutz: Interceptor V done. Now it’s a whole mess of supporting skills like Energy systems Operation, Energy management, Electronics, propulsion Jamming, Gunnery, motion prediction, etc to level IV/V. Next 50 days or so has me doing this.

In the pesky real world:

Not too much kicking about here for once. Summer schedule with the boys being home from School has been fun and I’ll actually miss them when they go back. Work is letting up too giving me more time to focus on more important things like exercise and loosing the winter weight. I plan to drop 40 pounds before October. Wish me luck.

CNN headline for Today: