Tuesday, September 25, 2012


So for a little over a month or so now I've been living in a C1 wormhole. Our Small corporation is doing pretty well and while our kill board reflects some teething problems. I am happy with K11:D19 for now as some are cheap shots at IBIS that we jettisoned from and others are just lessons in WH life. We are also new at PvP and well Drakes aint always awesome.The lads and I are working on fixing all that too.

While the C1 ranges from busy to dead quiet. We are doing a fair job at making ISK from it. I've been able to nab a few kills as well to only one real loss. Zombinutz sitting at K33:D10 makes me happy. The loss was a silly mistake. I grabbed a broadsword when I should have grabbed a 'cane and well I really should not have flown either to help a empty Itty V. Then again if a mate says help I try and help ;) I have a few nice solo kills too, so all in all the WH has added more PvP for me.

Logistics in the WH are actually pretty easy if you just learn to break everything down into Itty V hauls. Having 4 Itty V pilots and a few cloaked scouts makes all the difference when the freighter parks in a station outside our HighSec N110 exit.

Like wise we have a small arsenal of ships in the C1 now. Everything from scanner frigates to carriers are in there now. We have flattened 8/10 of the customs offices to allow folks to enjoy the cash cow of WH PI. Our towers are setup and full of fuel for the next quarter, lots of ammo and guns, plus just about every array or POS mod we might need ever. So "Home" is cozy.

The alliance we are in are nice folks and we do weekly alliance wide ops. ranging from C6 sites to hostile C2 take overs. Our Alliance leader has pretty much no life to get in his way (well he works and has a wife, but he is ALWAYS on). So he does a good job keeping things going.

Our corporation could use 3-5 more warm bodies. So If you are looking for some W-Space fun drop Zombinutz a mail in game. We don;t so much require any W-Space experience, or PvP uberness. You simply have to get along with others and not be afraid to fight when needed. I'd say 10M SP is prob a good idea as well. We do background checks and require limited API keys as part of the alliance rules.