Monday, December 18, 2017


OK so almost a year ago I posted about this alpha thing. I failed miserably at my goal to fund a plex with an Alpha. Mostly because I did not commit and invest time. Also because well alphas were that tenth of crack to lure people to sub an omega. Seriously one race, and cruiser is a tenth of crack in EvE.

So with the last expansion I re-downloaded the game and went about figuring out my old account passwords. Logged in a Zombinutz and went about seeing what I could fly. I was excited that my rattlesnake was flyable now. Sadly the T2 cruise launchers and hardeners were not usable in my Alpha state. Hmm..faction launchers and hardeners then....bugger those went up since I last bought them. So more like a ounce of crack now which is good I guess. The good news is I cannot fly a mining ship worth my time, so there is that. So after about half an hour I decided that it was still not going to work with my current Work/Life/EvE balance to do much with out re-subbing.

I did leave the game installed for now. I am about to take some "Me" time away from work and that normally means games get more love. This means I will explore more Alpha options with some of my old pilots. If for some reason this turns into something worth sharing. Hell I'll post it up. Who knows, might be less than a year between posts...

Until next time,



Sunday, January 1, 2017

Is this on...

Well then it's been a long time since I came back to this place. A very long time since I put up the "be back soon" post. It's been a busy time filled with many stories and adventures both in the real world and with "other" games. It's funny to think that after all that I find my self back here, like EvE was never a concern.

Actually EvE drifted in and out over the time I was away. I re-subbed a few times and ultimately got frustrated that I was not doing enough to justify the cost of resubbing and not playing enough to fund my accounts with Plex. I never stopped in here to blog about it because well, it never lasted long enough.

So what has changed? Why am I back?

Simply the free 2 play side of EvE lets me log on and monkey around with out the worry of time and money being wasted when life gets in the way. The goals are simpler too. I log in and see what I an get away with on an Alpha clone. The current one is to see if I can fund plex inside of 30 days with a alpha account with casual game time. That alone will mean I need to drift away from the old industrial play style and look at some of the new tweaks since I last played. So I'll be likely blogging about the life of an Alpha for now. Leaving my old characters locked away in limbo.

Let's see what an Alpha can do...