Friday, February 26, 2010

Sad SAD way to loose a Drake

This will be short and to the point. Finishing off my level 4 mission from my last post. Last room and last wave of the thing. Kicking ass taking names.

I was dragging around 8 battleships going about the business of wearing them down. I get STUCK in a structure at 1/3rd Shields taking all the incoming DPS. Nothing I could do but click on what seemed to be the shortest way out of the middle of the structure and watch as my Shields, armor and hull are stripped away with NO way to get out.

I could have tried to CTRL+Q I guess, but to be honest I was just down right WTF about my ship getting wedged into a freaking structure mid missions. I mean really folks. We cannot crash into stuff we are supposed to bounce off, but if the collision mechanics are so crappy that you bounce in the middle of it and then play pinball with a 50M ISK battlecruiser. W T F!

OK feel better now. Time to spend another 20M ISK to refit me a new Drake.



All tank and no Gank...

Everyday in New Eden we are faced with new lessons to learn. I am certainly not the first person to do any of this. There are plenty of great resources around the Internet for new players for almost any aspect of the game. Some days I read these but most days I choose to figure it out on my own. Call me a fool if you want, but I've always kind of enjoyed the game more when I don't stop and read every last detail about a certain part before I jump in. I also still like to open gifts at Christmas when I have no idea of what's inside. Call me old fashioned but I still enjoy a good surprise.

I've been off in the real world for a little bit now. This tends to happen now and then as I am a father of 2, work for a living, and like to undertake projects that make my life more enjoyable once done. Currently we are faced with some WONDERFUL weather in New England to add to the task list. Literally part of my house blew off last night after 14 inches of snow and 3 inches of rain. However I digress. Life is a busy thing nuff said.

Anyhow I've been sneaking on here and there mining playing on my 100 inch front projection TV. I actually dropped off to sleep last night while mining. Not hard to believe at all considering the dull dreary drone of strip miners and the lack of ANY rats in a 0.6 system to wake me up. I also had 2 warm cats piled on the sofa with me that did not help. Crap drifting away again.

So basically I was in the office alone today for the morning. Being an avid believer that I can multi task. While I worked on my daily lists I also took both accounts over to a level 4 caldari navy mission agent and set about the task of clearing a nice 5 room security mission. I was playing on my trusty Dell laptop alt tabbing between a drake and a myrmidon as I went about the task of clearing the rooms. Migrating some legacy VMware hosts from an old outdated vCenter to a new one at the same time on my desktop. CAKE!

-Room 1 was simple. A pair of frigs, 4 Battlecruisers and a pair of Battleships. Easy pickings for my dynamic Battlecruiser duo. Migrated 10 hosts while clearing this.
-Room 2 was similar. Had a few waves and about twice the numbers as room 1. Migrated 7 hosts while clearing this.
-Room 3 is where it got fun. There are 3 waves spawning when you eliminate parts of each one. I started by dropping in the drake to tank followed by the myrmidon once agro has been grabbed. Went well until wave three dropped and I was not looking at 10 battleships, a few frigs, and 3 battlecruisers. Incoming DPS was getting hard to tank (cruise missiles) and outgoing DPS was taking far to long to pop the Battle ships. I was able to clear the room with some warp outs. Migrated just 2 hosts during this room.
-Room 4 is the same with more cruise missile firing battleships and some cruise sentry fixtures. It has less battecruisers and frigates. Incoming DPS is higher but tankable by warping in both the drake and the myrmidon and splitting the agro. I kite with the myrmidon to pull half the DPS away from the warp in. Now the issue is very apparent. My own DPS is just not quite up to the task. I chew down the sentry guns, and the frigates and battle cruisers. I am left with about a dozen battle ships when I need to log as folks start to drift into the office. Sure not going to get the time bonus on this one, but hey it's only half million isk. ;) No hosts migrated during this part. real work had stopped.

So basically the short of it all is the drake and myrmidon both have solid tanking skills. All T2 mods and the majority of the skills required at level 4-5. They both have T2 drones (some skills need some work still). The real downer is they have sub par weapons skills. The drake has Heavy Missiles but cannot quite field T2 launchers or fury missiles. The myrmidon has T1 blasters and is no where near T2 even if the drones are the main DPS. They need some secondary skill work too.

So all tank and no gank is where I am at. It was fine for level 3 caldari navy security missions. It's sure as heck not cutting it for level 4's.

So while I would still advise mission runners to get there tanks up to snuff first. I'd also highly recommend not doing much else until you have the guns to match the tank before stepping into level 4's.

I feel the battlecruisers are up to the task of running level 4's together once I get the gank fixed. Especially when the EVE SOB SPACE remodeling is complete and I have both my systems back online with synergy sharing a keyboard and mouse between them. No more alt tabbing again will be awesome. Perhaps some remote repping might be a good thing to add once the gank is fixed. Time will tell.



Monday, February 22, 2010

Slow week.

This past week has been slow for me in terms of EVE. I've not been able to log much active time for EVE. Real life is busy and the remodeling of my "evespace" has put a serious dent in my play time as well.

So what good has come this week. What can I blog about in the EVE world. There are a few things.


A new "expansion" has been announced. So far not to thrilled about fixing lag or EVEgate. Planetary structures sound cool and could be considered a big part of SC-FI space fun. My fear is that it will be too expensive for the new player to undertake or become the new public research LAB, where finding a slot to actually take part will require long waits or moving out into unsettled areas. We shall see how it all pans out.


A post on Dense Veldspar called "What is a carebear?" got me thinking about my life in highsec. I think the definition of the carebear is a good one, being some one who hates conflict so much they want to change EVE to avoid it. Simple answer, GO PLAY FREAKING SECONDLIFE!

I choose to live a passive life right now, as I am on a self imposed path of industry. This path however has a long term focus to get me to a more PvP focused life in EVE. Does this mean I consider myself a carebear, not really. I've called myself one but I never really considered myself a person who did not like a good fight. I've lost a ship to another player once thus far. This was a corp. mole who decided it was AWESOME to gank my retriver and badger from the safety of the corp I was a member off. Not thrilling nor exciting. Actually kind of sad really. ;)

A lot of the true reason behind not loosing more ships lies in the stark reality that I have not actually gone looking for a fight. I just don't belive I have the base skills to do much more than die and loose ISK right now. This will change once construction of my new EVESPACE is done. I plan to Cristen the space with a trip into lowsec to learn how to die well.


What's your "EVESPACE" is a current theme filtering around the blogs. Mine right now is a whole lot of plaster waiting for the inside seams to be drawn down with the 10 inch knife. Then finish sanding and paint come after that. For as long as we have owned this house I've had a computer desk set against a wall in our basement as my gaming space. In about a week I should have the new space finished and can participate with some pictures.


CK's re-working the blog pack. It was surprising to see my blog referenced by astral dominix. I read his blog often and find his writing style and journeys with in EVE a good read. Thanks for the mention mate!

While I try to post things of meaning when I post. I keep this blog mostly for my own records while hoping the few that read it enjoy the content. Perhaps some day it might be good for other new EVE players to read of my travels in new Eden. Who knows. For now I do this for me.

One thing that I have always enjoyed is reading the blog pack. I live on capsuleer on my iPhone and through my own blog roll follow some of my favorites. I like to read about the PvP folks, the pirates, and the old souls who have done much in and for EVE. I am excited to see how the blog pack evolves. I would like to see a more new player focus from a few of them. Perhaps some highsec industrialist types to balance the Yarr a little (but not too much).

Either way I don't aspire to be part of the ranks right now. I'd just be happy for some damn comment spam and more time to play EVE right now.



Monday, February 15, 2010

Bad Ideas...

In the real world my office/gaming room is packed away for upgrades. So starved of some EVE action I decided to connect my gaming rig to my DLP projector and play EVE on a 100" screen.

BAD IDEA #1: While the ships look really cool! Even with the text set to the largest setting it's really hard to read anything. It's also really REALLY hard to see if you are being warp scrambled. Sure the nice webbed effect is easy to spot, but not the scram. /facepalm

To make matters worse I was sleepy when running a multi Battle ship level 4 missions with one room and 3 waves in a Battle Cruiser.

BAD IDEA #2: While running level 4 missions in a battle cruiser is very possible. Trying to do a single room with multiple waves of battle ships and supporting cruisers and frigates requires some attention to detail. A little kiting here, some drone shuffling there, and warping out and back in at distance when DPS gets too much to handle. NOT SOME THING TO DO WHEN SLEEPY!

So half a sleep and biting off more than I can chew AND not being able to clearly see the warp scramble. Almost cost me a Myrmidon.

Fortunately after over a decade working on Information technology environments. Sudden calls to action result in me becoming instantly awake and able to think. If I was in my passive shield tank Drake I would have popped as they would have broken my shield and well that's a very slippery slop through armor and hull to my pod. The armor tanking Myrmidon as able to (even with cap running out during the event) keep me going long enough to warp out at 1/4 hull and some armor. After a painful repair (~2M ISK for a mission the gives 1M rewards) I was able to come back in at 100K and kite the field around to finish and loot.

So don't play on the big screen if you need to read small text (EVE does not have a GEEZER mode) and don't run single room wave based level 4's in a battle cruisers when your half awake.

We live and learn.



Friday, February 12, 2010

Enrolling in the school of lumps!

As EVE is a PvP game. It should be said that even an industrialist avatar should have PvP experience and skills. The reality is at any point in any ship in EVE you can be attacked. The old saying "Don't fly anything you cannot afford to loose!" really is sound advice. So where does this take this grumpy old space hermit?

The answer is simple. Pick some T1 Frigs fits that I can fly today and go get blown up in the name of education. So what can I fly and what's a good fit? I have two accounts. Both can fly their race T2 fitted Battle cruiser in a PvE sense but PvE is not the same beast as PvP!

So what IS a good basic beginner PvP T1 Frig fit for a Gallente to fly? Let's begin by stating and reminding the flamers - I HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT PVP FITS! OK good! Now lets add - If you read this and have suggestions. All are welcome useful or not! OK good!

I see two Gallente options available to me:

The Tristan:

- Light Ion Blaster II (2)
- Limos Rocket Launher I (2)
-Named T1 Web
-Named T1 Scram
-Named T1 1MN AB
-200MM RTP

Million examples of a similar fit on Battle clinic. I can fly this in about 10 days. I build tristans and all the ammo. Should be able to fit 10 of these with out much of a scratch in my budget and go get smacked.

The Incursus:

- Anode Light Ion Particle Cannon I (3)
-named web
-named scram
-named 1MN AB

Once again not exactly original but I can fly it NOW. I could make them (just don't have the BPO) and they are cheap as chips. Drone wise I can drop a Hobgoblin II into either fits above.

This leads me to another potential option. I have two accounts and I duel box everything else I do in EVE. What could my second account be flying to aid me in my baptism by fire? Remote reppers seem interesting. The second account is Caldari and has some nice missile skills. I could fit a cloak to a drake and let fly with some T2 missile hell on those hungry folks who go after my little bitty frigate. Sure I box level 4 missions now, but like I said above (jackass), PvE and PvP are two different beasts. So for now I'll just take my mining account for a spin in one of the fits above. I can counter the hysterical amount of deaths to kills with the argument that it's a mining account.

Anyhow, for the three of you that read my blog (mom does not count). Leave a comment. Point and laugh if you must. It would be nice to have some feed back.



Monday, February 8, 2010

Dear god, what was that!!!

Some times mother nature can be a charming one. Other times she slaps you up the side of the head and sends you spinning.

I'd like to say I spent time playing EVE this weekend. I'd like to tell you all about my "mashed potatoes and well done steak" existence in EVE. Christ I'd even like to post pictures of my new office that I am building.

In stead I am sitting here in a dizzy fog as the last strains of some truly hanus 24 hour bug battle with my immune system. Some of the joys of the last 24 hours include full body aches, cold sweats, dizziness, nausea, and general "any one get the licence plate" feelings.

All this and I have missions that expire soon, my market orders have all but sold. I have materials waiting to be processed. Oh and I have 46+ feet of dry wall yet to hang, tape and mud.

I don't have time for this sickness. I have stuff to do!



P.S. If anyone needs some reasonably priced Catalysts or Antimatter M in Lonetrek. Help out a fellow pod pilot down on his health. ;)

And the winners are...

Hats off to winners of the "Why I love EVE" contest. I tried to write some thing about being disappointed in not winning a prize. I really did try to be a bitter angry old space hermit. I truly did.

However it is very hard to feel anything but respect and fondness towards all those who participated. The strength of the writing and the obvious truth in what we all said. I mean we all really DO love EVE. Some of us as much as we love anything in the world.

So hats off to the winners once again. Below is an honorary mention of the top 10:

1st Prize - $100 in EVE Store merchandise: Wench with a Wrench

2nd Prize - $50 in EVE Store merchandise: Don't Fear the Mutant

3rd Prize- $25 in EVE Store merchandise: Into the unknown with gun and camera

4th Prize - $25 in EVE Store merchandise: Sered's Lives
5th-10th - FlashFresh EVEOGANDA Vive Virtual Why do I love EVE Online An Extremely Complicated Survival Machine Ecliptic Rift

Cheers and GRATZ!


Friday, February 5, 2010

2010 Direction...


So I talk of focus being the path to rewards and fun in EVE. I recently struck out on my own forming a corp. for my two EVE accounts. Like many new EVE players I have a ton of choices of what I can do. Ultimately I settled to focus on manufacturing and highsec mission running this year. Build my wealth before heading to lowsec/nullsec to blow it all in blue flashes.

So what goals did I set for my corp. and how well am I doing:

Highsec research POS buy Mid 2010. - 11.5%
- Standings - 10% (6.0 with Caldari Space Factions)
- Funds - 20% (500M in corp wallet)
- 6 Months Fuel - 5% (Ice Mining SUCKS!)

Manufacture T1 ships, mods, ammo for sale and corp. - 84%
- Frigates - 100% (2 Caldari and 2 Gallente)
- Destroyers - 100% (Gallente)
- Crusers - 50% (1 Caldari and 1 Gallente)
- Mods - 70% (all basic PvE and PvP fits for above)
- Ammo - 100% (all t1 ammo for above)

Scanning - 74%
- Scan and hack - 80%
- Scan and salvage - 90%
- Scan and get lost in (worm holes) - 50%
- Scan and mine - 100%
- Scan and run from (other ships in case of WAR) - 50%

Pretty standard stuff for a newbie care bear in Highsec. There are at least 10 other corps based in my HQ system alone doing the same thing. I can hear the PvP folks groan while trying to scan down my location to put me out of my misery.

All the above is foundation for my ultimate goals to build PEW PEW to take into LowSec and NullSec to get an education in shooting (both ways) and trying to make the other guy die first.

Recruiting will start once the Death... um.. sorry POS is operational.



Monday, February 1, 2010


I was clicking around some other EVE blogs and came across a mention of “ELITE” over at Astrals blog. If you know me in game (all 3 of you) then you might clue in that my avatar SonofBraben was named after David Braben co-Writer of Elite.

Some 25 years later I still cannot look at hexagons without spinning them and trying to align myself to a rectangle in the middle. The Blue Danube Waltz gives me chills and joy of an easier life. Every time I warp or jump a gate I expect Thargoid traps to witch space to happen. I find myself looking for a Krait to shoot and scoop. Ah the joys of my days with a commodore 64 and Elite.

Just think of that a moment. Back then on 8-bit systems. We could engage in space combat, trade and mine(which was JUST as boring back then). We had 3D ships (wire frame at first then polygon) with upgrades for purchase. Jump drives, galaxy warp drives, cargo holds, fuel scoops, and automatic docking computers (Aura’s grandmother?). This was all in the early 80’s when I’d wager a good chunk of the EVE player base was not yet born (or at least just breaking double digits for age). There was no internet back then. People still wrote things called letters not emails. Digital was a watch type not a camera. We had Compact Disks (CD’s) for music if you were really well off. So before we had any of today’s standard technology (IPODs, Internet, Cell phones, 64bit PCs, Gaming consoles in HD, etc) there was a game that gave life to every space ship wanting fantasy a kid (teen or adult) could have.

Now in my mid 30’s I find EVE is my “Elite” where I can be a computer spaceship pilot. Pirates have replaced the Thargoids. There is no more manually docking to hexagons. MP3’s have replaced the Blue Danube. The cobra Mk III has been replaced with a TON of gorgeous spaceships. Most of all I find the fact that I am playing with and against real people the biggest step forward. However the open concept of elite and Frontier in the vast openness of space as a play field bear similar fond memories in EVE. If only Braben and Bell had networking in 1984. One can only imagine the multi player games we would have today. Now there would be something to WoW about… ;)

And that brings me to my closing thoughts. Frontier Developments and David Braben have been rumored to be working on Elite 4 for 5+ years now. The wiki states that once they release The Outsider Elite 4 is next. Knowing that it took over a decade between Elite and frontier I can only imagine that it will be quite some time more before this comes to light. However I do wonder how many of us old school computer spaceship pilots will be giddy the day Elite 4 as a MMPORP hits the stands. I wonder how EVE will evolve to meet the challenge of such an offering from the father of space combat.

We shall see…

For now I have many MANY more things to do in EVE.

See you around the gates and belts (warp bubbles and camps).