Saturday, February 19, 2011

On the go SOB #1

I've been home a week from my work trip to Seattle and I am yet to see my kids for more than 30 mins at a time. So this weekend is all about my two little men and some man time.

Inside my busy work schedule I've found moments to keep PI running and get some level 4 missions in. I am getting into a grove now with the RR Domi and Raven combo. I am writing a full post on the setup.

Hulkageddon 4 is in full swing. My highsec alliance is all bent out of shape about it. I am spending the time challenging folks to frigate 1 v 1 with zombinutz and squeezing in more missions for standings gain.

Ok back to the man time. Fly safe!



Saturday, February 12, 2011

The blur

Ever had one of those weeks? The kind of week where it all blurs together? This past week was one such for me.

It started with a flight across the US from east coast to west coast. It ended with a red eye flight from west to east coasts. In between were long days of meetings and long nights of drinking. Many j├Ągerbombs and Scotch mixed in with some pool and after work chats about work.

In the middle of all this got a new work laptop that needed some love to get EVE to play. Oh and all three of my accounts ran out of training. So some where in the blur at around 3am while suffering the effects of booze. I some how was able to get EVE to run and set my queues, start the PI farms and reply to a few mails.

So to those in my alliance please do not take it personal when I opt to not join that mining op for a bit. This week I plan to run missions until I can finish the standings grind I need for a Highsec POS. Should be worth a few ISK too. :)



Saturday, February 5, 2011

On the go blogage

There are many times where I think of some stellar thing to blog about and I am no where near a PC. Yet there are very few times in my life that I do not have my iPhone with me. So I finally loaded up blogpress on the phone.

The idea here is that I'll be able to post quick updates and on the go EVE thoughts.



Friday, February 4, 2011

ISK Milestone: 1 Billion

It's funny how things play out in EVE. How some days you are just content to drift around carefree without any real plans. Then the next your driven to do something or chase another avenue of the game.

Late in 2010 somewhere in the last week of December I was hosting an Alliance Ice mining OP. They are riveting events that rank up there with paint drying. The saving grace is the fleet chatter typically has some hilarious banter. Anyhow during this ICE op my wallet hit under 100M (41M to be more exact) as I shelled out 80M for a pilot who wanted a Mackinaw to park in our Ice system. As he was a good friend and someone who would mine a lot I gladly gave up the ISK. I'd recently bought an orca, new hulk, mackinaw and a raven. So my wallet went from a healthy 800M ISK to 41M ISK rather fast in December.

So a goal was set during that very same day to have 2B ISK in my wallet come Feb. Which for a dude with limited playtime living in empire space is no cake walk. Well at least not in my books and it makes me wonder how many folks could start at 40M after having a lot of ISK and rebuild the wealth. Lets also be clear I have never sold PLEX and do not plan to in the future. I may reach a point where one of my accounts is sustained by buying them, but I do not believe simply buying ISK is the way to prosper.

Well it's February 4th today and last night as I logged out of EVE my wallet looked like this:

While only half of my goal it still feels good to have 1 Billion ISK in my wallet. More so it's feel good because most of it has been through passive methods of income. A lot of it came via P.I. and R&D agents with a little more coming from trade. The rest from Missions and mining while I tend to RL tasks. meaning I've not given away my life to the game for this ISK.

I also still bought stuff during this time and while only a few hundred Million worth of stuffz. It's was still good to be able to enjoy ISK during this time of saving. I've bought over 100MISK worth of skill books, fitted a RR mission Dominix worth ~80M ISK and 2 "throw away" 50M ISK PvE drakes for Incursion work. Likewise I've spent entire days mining ICE or Rocks for the alliance at little or no ISK gain during this time. So really this 1B ISK a month gain could be something I can potentially sustain. Kind of cool eh?

So what are the plans for the ISK? Right now honestly nothing as I still have 1B ISK to go to reach the target I set. However I'll do with it what I always do with my ISK. I'll invest it back into myself and my corporations. Adding some more BPOs to the inventory and perhaps buy a faction battleship for ZombiNutz to mission in. We are building a corporate Orca as well which will limit the need for people to use their personal orca for Alliance ops. I plan to add the BPO and all Sub part BPOs to the library ASAP thus adding the orca to the regular corporate charter.

All the same it's VERY easy to make ISK in EVE. It's even possible to add 1B ISK to your wallet in highsec working around the responsibilities of real life. You can also still have fun and buy toys whilst doing it. :)

May you all find a nice fat happy chunk of ISK.