Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Real life - Japan

I normally keep this blog firmly focused on EvE but this past weeks events have not made that so easy.

I have 2 very close and dear friends who are living in Japan as part of the JET program. So every news story of earthquakes, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown threats hit a little harder home.

So far they are only suffering the same shock at the tragic events and sadness we are and remain safe and glad to be alive.

I also had the pleasure to attend a taiko drumming performance by Kodo over the weekend. It was that much more powerful to see Japanese drummers giving there all knowing how much devastation had taken place in Japan.

If any of you can spare $10 please donate it to a Japanese aid fund. The red cross has one going via text. Simply text REDCROSS to 90999 to Give $10. Buy one less round of coffee/beer this week and help the hundreds of thousands of misplaced Japanese eat and stay warm.



Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Arm chair special!

Some days it astounds me the depth alone in the indy side of EvE. I mean one can spend literally years training and focusing in just building stuff.

Having recently got access to a research POS I am busy researching BPOs to make those sparkling ships that much cheaper. I am also pondering BPOs for copy jobs to sell as yet another passive income. So much to do and ISK to make and spend.

I've been building T2 stuff for a bit now and as time ticks along bigger ships are crossing my inventing slots. With these come a greater demand for moon products and still more BPOs. So I find my self keenly looking at moon mining as well. This means lowsec or 0.0 space.

So with zombie rounding out torp skills for his manticore the need to go out into more dangerous systems in search of a nice place to live is on the near horizons. Sure more risk and more PvP over PvE for me soon.

A jump freighter alt is training. Sob will prob add some more PvP skills. Jayde can even fly a t2 fit tackle t1 frigate. I've always thought every pilot should have some PvP ability. I mean EvE is a PvP game right!?

Reminds me I need to follow up with the BBW and schedule a lesson in t1 frigate ass whoppin' (mine for sure)



Thursday, March 3, 2011

On the go SOB #2

Well it seems like quick mobile blogage are how I post these days. It has been a busy time in the carebear life.

Hulkageddon IV was about since I last posted. Rather than complain I used the week to raise my standings with Caldari state. Now I have a Highsec research POS. Thank you hulkageddon. I also like the crazy ice and mineral prices.

Sonofbraben ticked over 20m skill points and Zombinutz is deep into torpedoes V getting his manticore on for grins. Sob also trained research project management to IV so I have datacores coming out my implant slots.

I had a few 1 v 1 with zomb. Won one against our alliance leaders PvP toon. Had a very dull stalemate with Astral Dominix and the BBW issued a challenge I plan to honor. It is nice to burn a hull and have some fun. I need to follow up with a few other Ritter duels that have slipped away as well. Time to stop being a freaking carebear.

Not sure what's next. My 3rd account is ticking along with a second hulk pilot near done. Then a jump freighter pilot. I have some other alt ideas as well to get a little more out of my 3 subs.

There is a lot of chatter around me at the moment for a return to 0.0 in a number of angles. I still face a time crunch dilemma. I don't want to feel like I miss the party every time in do get to log in. Nor do I want to be that guy who is never around. We shall see.