Friday, September 9, 2011

Negativity - My shame

OK! Every once and a while I read back through my posts to get a feel for my writing moods. While I might be a self labeled grumpy old space hermit. Honestly this year I've been a major downer in reading my blog back. I have a lot of outward angst towards EvE here.

The funny thing is I log 40+ hours a week of EvE time. I get pissy when the servers are down and have 1 and 2 year skills plans for all 4 of my accounts. I secretly love EvE! Heck my alliance mates firmly believe EvE is my real job and RL is what I do for kicks.

Apparently outwardly in my blogging I've become this little blue fellow in the middle of the picture. Honestly I do this every year or so with EvE. It comes when I find myself in a rut and some what bored with my current adventures. The schedule of my 40+ hours of EvE time is mostly balanced around RL work. I have a lot of time where EvE is process based as a secondary task to that RL work (which comes first). I am also a father of 2 boys in RL, who come before my 12 alter egos in EvE. So most of my play time is very much a semi afk affair and this leads well into the industrial side of EvE. Mining belts dry, taking that resource and stacking it into build jobs. Research and invention tasks also bolt well into this available time. P.I. as well. I am very busy in EvE.

The downside of all this would be the level of monotony associated with these tasks. Honestly I can see why people bot a lot of these tasks. I however cannot bot, just rubs me the wrong way. Seems like cheating, and according to the EULA it is. So for now at least this is my EvE experience. The process driven and cyclic task based life of the industrialist. Honestly it's not a bad life and I can make 1BN isk a week with out breaking a sweat. Not too shabby at all.

So what's missing? Honestly I am not sure but I have some theories:

The first is PvP and my truly lame attempts at experiencing it. Nobody to blame here but myself. I just have not really given it a solid go. So this needs to change one way or another. Less talk more action even if I just undock and die. It's still a break in the routine and a new experience. Not going to talk about PvP anymore until I have a killmail to post.

The second is highsec. It's nature alone is very safe and static for those that want to be left alone to do there own thing. It's a great place for small groups of PvE folks and the small bands of PvP folks who harass them. In the same light it's also a very quickly experienced part of the game and then you're just in limbo. Same subset of missions and same subset of rocks to mine. I believe this is CCPs way to move folks out of the lobby and into the sandbox. It's time for me to go play in the sand more. So a change of sec space for some of my pilots would help mix things up. More about lowsec plans when they happen.

The third is walking in stations. I truly want this to be a great feature around which the community side of EvE can take more form and expression. I am not against vanity items to be honest. I don't care for the pricing and it's not some thing that interests me too much. Then again in RL I am a $20 jeans and EvE t-shirt kind of bloke. I cannot wait to see what's beyond station hanger door. I just have to be careful to not let my imagination over play the implementation. More to come on this when the station doors open.

I promise to be happier, as much as a grumpy old hermit can ;)



Friday, September 2, 2011

little nothings...

Hello again dear reader(s). I trust you're doing well and content in your virtual life? Does this post find you at peace or filled with emo rage over our beloved EvE?

I am for once some what contented with in the realm of my multi faceted EvE existences.Contented being a fancy word for accepting the boredom. I have some 12 different people I assume the role of now with in the game. Each at different stages of development with in that given role or roles about new Eden. Those roles range from a grumpy old indy space hermit, through a lost PvP pilot in an orca, to a band of Caldari girls named after fine Scotch who lay waiting for training queues. There is another who might prove to be better known some day, but for now he remains in the shadows.

So really this post has not real purpose. It's a bunch of sweet nothings. I continue to mine Ice and make ISK. I build stuff (20 hurricanes, 100 Hammer Head IIs and 90 Hobgoblin IIs this week), and research BPOs. I train characters, buy ships, and see good blogs die day in and day out.

But well LOWsec is where it is at apparently. Shame even that brings me no excitement. Of late I could haul my goods through lowsec in a charon at 5% hull and not see another soul for the most part.

Perhaps it's time for me to go griefer...or try lowsec mining to give some badass a cheap kill...or start wardecking other indy corps for grins...IDK...Nothing changes. ISK and SKILLPOINTS go up, but its the same damn game it was 6 months ago.

this about sums it:

My 8 year old son "hey what can you do now you can walk?"

I showed him ALL the features of CQ to which he replied "Wow, pretty boring. You cannot even jump or run! Where are all the other people?"

I say "I know Son, it's VERY lame and that is the BIG summer expansion. Want to play some Lego batman with me on the PS3?"

I log and we go play a game where you can run and jump and interact with stuff that is not $15 a month.