Friday, July 30, 2010

Well crap on a cracker – ZombiNutz hit 10M SP!

Seems like with all this jetting about LowSec not getting into a fair fight, somewhere between interceptors V and Rapid Firing IV, ZombiNutz hit 10 MILLION (say like Dr. Evil) Skill points. Excellent!

Unfortunately he still has a ways to go before he can inspire fear and instant loss of bodily fluids in kittens and/or noobs. I did a royal number on this “Combat” pilot early on but feel that the last 4 months of training have been in the right direction or at least in a better direction that training him to fly an ORCA. /facepalm.

Pretty picture time!
Here is his Skill chart thanks to EVEMON showing his true Caldari Nature as a Drake jockey. The good news is the slice of gunnery pie is getting bigger, and we all love gunnery pie. Cross trained in Minmatar and a little Gallente frigate makes for a large Spaceship Command slice as well, not to mention he can fly an ORCA and Retriever **cough** LOOSER **cough**. Navigation is a busy little skill with 7/10 at IV or above for zippy little ships. Aside from that some drones and some core values for tanking (mostly shield) and fitting round out the rest. In the words of Nero from History of the world Part 1 “Nice. Nice. Not thrilling, but nice."

All right time to get back to flying about in LowSec trying to find a fair fight...Oh what a fool am I!



Tuesday, July 27, 2010

STILL NO dead Rifters!

So I went out hunting yesterday. There are a few 0.4 systems in Lonetrek, Dantumi and Aurohunter, which lead down into a patch of LowSec space. It’s near the carebear ranch making it an easy place for me to stage solo PvP runs.

I was bouncing around these two systems and the many belts and planets working on my dScan skills while looking for someone to fight. I was dodging a flashy red harbinger about the gates and a few belts while I set up some safes. One day I’ll try a Harb in a rifter, but the first is prolly not wise when piloted by someone with a -10.0 sec status. They might have a clue and I sure do not at this point. So I pick my fights.

I did see a flashy red rifter about the traps. Solo I am sure it would not have gone well for me, but I was going to give it a try. I found him in a belt and warped in at 30. He was sitting at 50 so I started towards him with my short point. I got to 15KM and local jumped by 4. The time I have spent in NULL with Zombie has left me pretty “sensitive” to local jumping. So instinctively I warped to a safe (other rifter locked but did not get point) and sure enough the 4 extras in local were the rest of my flashy red rifters crew. Surprised they jumped before he got his point but I am glad that I made it out.

I did get a tackle on a lone stiletto and was able to get in gun range and strip back 90% of his shields on the gate from Dantumi to Ossa. Unfortunately he was able to jump before I could get the kill. He shot back while he fled but did not point me. He peeled my shields back too but decided to run. Not knowing the rules for aggression jumping from Low to High Sec. I did not follow him through. I burned around the gate for a bit looking for gate fires or someone else to land. Local went up by one with my rifter friend from above. So I decided to head back to the ranch for the night. Man a stiletto would have made a nice first solo kill, but not this time.

So it seems I am still learning when to GTFO and so far I’ve been able to make safes while being chased and use them to avoid gangs. I am also pleased that heading to a safe is muscle memory when local flairs as engaging. Sure I’d like to be posting my first real solo killmails, but I can be happy that I am not showing up on needless lossmails.

I also took my first stiletto delivery from the ranch yesterday as well. I still need to pay the bill, fit, and truck them out to NULL. However I am excited to step up the tackle game in Null from my fleet of T2 fit rifters. I’ll not be venturing out to Null until I burn all 5 rifter though. I might take a crack at that flashy red rifter next time. I’ll die for sure, but perhaps I can take him with me…



Friday, July 23, 2010

NO dead rifters yet! :(

So I’ve been out a few times in “Dead Rifter #1” looking for someone to death dance with. Ideally I’d love to start with another t1 frigate to see what comes of it. Sadly I only seem to find small gangs to wave and warp around. Typically all bloody T2 stuff too. Frustrated by this am I. I want to fight but I am not that blood thirsty to dive into a gang of T2 ships to give them another kill.

I also mistakenly flew into an area filled with hostile War Targets. This did not do much for increasing my chances of finding a nice solo fight. I did have a corp. mate with me in a thorax but he is from Finland making vent useless. Either way the best fight I could find was a gang of 3 with an onyx, Ishtar, and dominix. Needless to say I decided not to die in a bubble with a swarm of drones on my ass.

So it seems as if at the very least I am learning when NOT to attack and die. So there is that. Next I am going to move far far away from any space I’ve been for a while and find me some back water lowsec systems to hunt in. Perhaps somewhere in Gallente space.

Also we have a good size war going in Alliance wise. So it might actually be a tale of 5 dead drakes here shortly.



Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Some things warrant flames - EVE Death Race 2010

I know I had said the next post will be of dead rifters and horrible deaths. I truly intended to post nothing until rifter #1 was dead and looted. However sometimes you read about something that has to be shared and is worth the flames that may come.

Rixx Javixx over at EVEOGANDA has announced EVE DEATH RACE 2010. So in actuality I am posting about dead ships, racing, and flaming deaths. The idea is simple enough in that any pilot with 5M ISK and a ship can partake in the race. The race itself is a free for all through a section of 0.0 with strong favor given to folks who win by eliminating the competition.

Here are some rules as posted by RJ:

• Entrance fee is 5 million isk per racer

• Enrollment begins on August 1st, 2010
• Shuttles and Cloaky Ships are not allowed
• Ships that can fit a Cyno are also not allowed and using a Cyno is forbidden
• Aggression is permitted after the race starts
• Gangs, Teams and Corps are permitted (But each racer pays the entrance fee)
• Fleet up will occur in a low-sec system to be announced
• The Death Race is Sunday, August 22nd and will start at 18:00 Eve time

> Other details will be announced as race day approaches. Details regarding entrance fees and enrollment will be posted shortly.

So strap some spikes on your favorite PvP ship, find yourself an attractive co-pilot, and get ready to Death Race! More so spread the word about the bars, gate camps, asteroid belts, and command centers. Drive you corp. mates crazy with giddy excitement over the event and spam all chat channels with the following link:



Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Prequel to “A tale of 5 dead rifters”

All right! The time of bitching and complaining and clicking P.I. extractors in the name of EVE is done. When next I log into EVE I am jumping ZombiNutz back to Empire where I have 5 pre-fitted vanilla 150MM ACII, 200MM RTP, SAR II, DCU II, NOS, SCRAM,WEB, AB II rifters.

I’ll be in a “dead head” implant less clone with nothing to lose but hulls that are all ready paid for and the cost of new clones if I get podded.

The goal is to forget P.I. and use the 30 mins here and there to fly said rifters and shoot people in lowsec. I expect to be kilt in many horrible ways in these 5 rifters, but hope to get at least one kill. Even if it’s a badger that LOOKED like it had plex in it ;)

I’ll post each death and it's Kills as parts in “A tale of 5 dead rifters!”. A series of posts to liberate me from chronic real life and carebearisim syndrome.

If I post about anything other than this before rifter #5 is popped, please flame me for being a sissy and remind me that I need to go burn a rifter!

I hope we all get some enjoyment out of my flaming deaths.

*EDIT* In gathering my rifters and getting them renamed and ready to die. I've decided to fly a mix of armor and shield tanked rifters as part of the "A tale of 5 dead rifters!" series. If only to get some flack from the fit Nazi's for lolz.

*EDIT* Fixed the title as well...



Friday, July 9, 2010

Odds and Ends Friday!

This week real life has been kinder to me. While my tendonitis still makes anything more than half an hour of play time unfun and painful. I did manage to zip ZombiNutz back to Empire to help some corpies get some standing for Jump clones. A care bear break running missions is a step up from P.I. extractor restarting. If I make it online this weekend, gimpy hand or not, there will be killmails.

Anyhow, here are some fun snippets about the traps this week:

CSM, Evagottheboot, Riots in the forum streets

Seems like everyone and there dog are posting on CSM this week. I am not going to dive into it too deep as this pool is full enough. Let’s just say CCP could choose to scrap CSM for good and NONE of us would quit EVE over it. You might think you would but honestly you would not! I do agree with Mandrill and others that CCP needs to make a clear statement why Eva was removed. Bad press is not good folks.

PLEX – The new target for Pirates

So after next Tuesdays down time PLEX will now be able to be dropped into a cargo hold and trucked about like antimatter S. Of course the gankers and pirates are all drooling in there rum about now. It seems with this change people can lose mot only ISK but $$ as well when they go POP. There should be fun times ahead.


Yeap, it’s started and all ready the kills are flowing. At the time of posting I checked the kill board and 369 Exhumers, 54 capsules, 6 industrial command ships, and 120 barges have gone pop. I’ve supported the event as long as been playing EVE. Check out the fun and games at



Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Should I be reading your EVE blog?

When I am lost in the real world and away from my beloved EVE stuck at work or in some airport etc. I lean heavily on the blog world to get my New Eden fix. I might not always be in front of a PC but my trusty iPhone goes in my pocket before my wallet does and comes to bed with me for a week every three weeks. While capsuleer and the blog pack have good mobile content. I have had my issues with running out of content there and having to turn to other sources for blogs as seen here.

With this in mind I maintain a list of RSS feeds via xFeed of all the blogs you currently see listed to the right under “blogs I read…”. These are literally the blogs I read every single post (and sometimes comments) contained within. A good number of these are blog pack, but a few of them are not.

This is where you come in. If you’re not blog pack and do not appear to the right but think you have an EVE blog worth my reading time. Drop me a comment below with your blogs URL. Any blog that contains large amounts of non-EVE related stuff, like say World of Warcraft, will be removed. I am fine with folks blogging about multiple games under one blog, but EVE is my digital drug of choice.

I’ll read each and every blog posed and add them to my “blogs I read…” and xFeed. I’ll also call reference your articles of worth in my own blog posts. In return I want nothing but more blogs to read on the go.



P.S. I know and love and CK’s blogroll however I am not about to add ALL them by hand to my mobile list.

Super Awesome: The badger Mk1 for PI work.

So its official my real life has truly screwed up my EVE time. I was at the doctors and I have a wonderful case of tendonitis in my right hand. Anything more than 30 minutes of clicking at a time and it feels like a gorilla is trying to hack my wrist open with a butter knife. JOY…not…stupid freaking tendonitis!!!

Now before all you badass PvP types tell me to HTFU (more than I tell myself). I am not all useless and carebear bound just yet. However the limited use of the of my right hand means I need to do EVE activities that I can with my left hand. This tends to be the less intensive things like P.I. or level 3 missions. I refuse to mine and welcome hulkageddon III to further deter the sport.

Anyhow after my post about the Primae and how it was just another hanger ornament I got a lot of site hits about P.I. Boats on the blog. So I took my new hauler alt, Sister Janice, and trained her for some basic P.I. skills (well advanced Command centers) and started playing around with the humble Badger MKI. The goal was to build out a cheap P.I. boat that aligned and warped quickly, had 4K+ m3 cargo space, and could take a little abuse. I wanted fast and resilient as Janice is the account that takes all the P1 items collected by SonOfBraben and drops them onto a planet for advanced and high-tech processing into P2-4 products.

So with cheap and an unskilled hauler alt in mind I came up with this fit:

***EDIT*** Text Version for Fit for Rantuket***EDIT***

[Badger, P.i. convent]
Nanofiber Internal Structure I
Inertia Stabilizers I
[empty med slot]
1MN MicroWarpdrive I
Medium Shield Extender I
[empty med slot]
[empty high slot]

Yeah yeah, before you get in my grill about empty slots and rigs and stuff. Remember this is supposed to be cheap and for brand new pilots. It does align and warp at a deacent rate and its cheap. Like under 1M ISK cheap (sorry cannot do a price check in Jita etc) and any caldari can pretty much fly it with a small amount of training.

So if I was to fit it with say Zombinutz my combat pilot. It would look more like this:

***EDIT*** Test version of fit added for Rantucket ***EDIT***

[Badger, ZombiNutz]
Nanofiber Internal Structure I
Inertia Stabilizers I
Medium Shield Extender II
1MN MicroWarpdrive II
Invulnerability Field II
Shield Recharger II
Small 'Vehemence' I Shockwave Charge
Medium Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
Medium Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I
Medium Core Defence Field Extender I

Now sure cheap and unskilled (flame on you 5 year old accounts, remember ZombiNutz is 8 months old) has gone out the door. However this thing has a fair tank, deacent speed, and align time is snappy. It also has some “teeth” with a small smart bomb. If only to cause the lowsec gate camp folks to LOLZ so hard you get away or catch a really BAD interceptor pilot in range with his MWD on. Oh that would be a shameful kill mail to post.

Either way the humble basic entry level T1 badger MK I is a damn fine boat for High/low sec P.I. Work. I use either it or a Iteron MKI for all my hauling of Planitary products and have no desire to ever undock my Primae again.

If you have a fit for a badger MKI that you would like to share post them up below. The goal here is to help new players with fitting a cheap hauler for P.I. work in high/low security. I am sure even the BBW can set aside his PvP only mind and fit us up a nice badger…



P.S. Once this damn hand heals, I am NEED to shoot something and post about it.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Where in the Universe is EVE SOB - July 2010

It is time for this month’s “Where in the Universe is EVE SOB” post where every month I summarize where I am at in EVE. I also throw in some real world stuff and the top CNN headline of the day for a historical WTF was the world doing back then element.

Where am I?

Officially I am lost in the real world right now. It's been 6 long weeks of work and family commitments doing all they can to keep me out of New Eden. It appears to be a common theme through out the bloggers with Summer in the North Hemisphere. I feel like a cracked record as many of my posts begin with "RL is still kicking my ass" but it is what it is.

How’s building stuff doing?

There have been a few things brewing on the carebear ranch this past month. SonofBraben ticked over 10M Skill Points of industry goodness. We all skilled up for some RSI inducing P.I. fun and are merrily building P1-4 products. Braben is 30 hours away from T2 frigate construction skills and we have a healthy stockpile of Wolf, Jaguar, Stiletto, manticore, and Hawk BPCs waiting for production runs.

How’s shooting stuff doing?

L I M B O! That is where shooting stuff is at. It's been a slim month for play hours but ZombiNutz was able to get a few kills during the month. I have all the supporting skills for interceptors now and am midway through the 20D Interceptor 4 training to round it out. I've got some fitted Stiletto in Null waiting for RL to let up.

What Skills am I training?

SonOfBraben: Took a break to skill up hard for P.I. but got that done. Now he is rounding out Frigate Construction and then will go back to the mammoth T2 industry skill set.

Zombinutz: 20 days until interceptor V is done then I'll add caldari Frigate V to finish the month and let me ass crow/raptor hulls. I have so-so AF skills for the jaguar but would like to boost them a little more before burning too many hulls. Next steps will be to get to HAM II for the drake.

In the pesky real world:

Lots and lots going on here. Biggest new for July is 5 family birthdays happen between July1st and July 12th. The first being my eldest son who turns 7 today. So I've been hip deep in 7 yo kids at glow bowling parties. Swimming lessons for both sons as well after a less than calm incident where oldest boy decided to jump into the deep end of a 7ft pool. He went to the bottom and freaked himself and his mother out.

CNN headline for Today: