Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Carbon Copy out of toner?

Down time today is running longer and longer. Seems like every time I check in (about once every 30 mins) the extended time goes out by 1 hour. Some where around 18:30 GMT now.

I am a huge fan of new features and UIs and sexy avatars and walking about etc. I truly like evolution of games and how software developers strive to add that fresh car smell back to the games they write. EvE is a super cool game and while we could all argue that other improvements are more important. At the end of the day, it would be cool to strut about now that we have sexy space barbies to play with.

I can also sympathize with the deployment dudes. The world of IT never goes to schedule and often it takes a lot of massage to get things to work. Especially during major upgrades where there are so many dependencies. So I get the extensions and actually appreciate the diligence.

However I can pout and stomp my foot about the extended down times. Make silly puns on the release all I like. I pay for this service and frankly it is typically considered un-cool to go over or extend a window for paying customers. It typically has a associated penalty with it. So every time a down time goes long, as a consumer I feel jipped. I feel the need to cry foul and want a pony from CCP for being put out.

This pouting can be fixed via:

A: Communicate the window better. If it's HUGE. Tell us it will be 5 hours and I'll go do some thing else.
B: Man up CCP and admit you made a mistake. Give us all some love. Perhaps a free plex for all if CCP over runs 3 deployments in a year. Some Skill points or ISK. Some thine that acknowledges that CCP through error took away time we have paid for, so here is a small compensation.
C: We all go play the next awesome space MMO that gets released (Braben Bring on the ELITE for the 2010's).

Anyhow. Client is updating. Perhaps soon I can see the new sparklies....OH how lame would it be if this was just a pre-release and we get now sparklies.



P.S. The API is DOWN, the GAME is DOWN but the BILLING SYSTEM still tells me one of my accounts needs US$15 in 1D 19H 28m and 35s for another month of time...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

On the go SOB #3

Today I am out and about with my family and I had a though about the current state of HCSH.

I recently appointed 2 good friends as directors, The Sarj and Raknore. I then gave them the directive to grow the Corp and organize events and goals.

They freaked a bit thinking I was going to disappear. I assured them I am not. Explained that I simply wanted some folks who can help move the Corp forward and act in it's best interests when I am off line.

With this we are geared extremely well to help new players get started with EvE. We are also geared to give organized structure to more seasoned carebears.

Current Corp projects include building charons to sell for profit. (we build about 1 every 2 weeks).Restocking our frigate replacement pool for new pilots. Growing active members in UK and US time zones.

We are very laid back and tend to focus on helping our members become self sustaining. We encourage folks to set there own paths and are always open to suggestions for Corp projects.

Anyhow. I am very happy with the work of the directors as well as the steady Corp growth.



Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I need a swift kick in the blog!

I actually posted some thing. In the comments of said post Rixx Javix recently threatened to go Bruce Banner on me. So finally about a week or so after this I find myself actually here posting. I've been here a few times actually. Started to post some thing and just froze up and never finished. Anyhow...

It's been a long long time and the following are true statements:

1. I am not dead
2. I have not EMO RAGE quit EvE
3. Highsec has no corroded away my brain
4. I have not gone back to WoW
5. I was not the ONLY person taken out by the zombie Apocalypse!

SO what have I been doing!? Honestly a metric crap ton of mining with a side of mining and mining ice cream a la mode. Why have I been mining!?!! To build an Orca and a Charon and now another charon. Then perhaps a thanatos and who knows what. Oh and I've been mining with the new members in my rag tag little highsec corp. Well actually I have 2 of those now, but anyhow.

Let's see what else. Zombinutz can now fly a manticore fit that's pretty badass. He's got maxed Orca Leader ship skillz. He is working towards a nice fancy HAC. SonOfBraben can pretty much build anything except T3 stuff. Has his eyes on a thanatos for the winter. Sister Jayde can pretty much consider herself a expert Mining barge pilot and has a fully trained Charon Alt.

Outside of that I log in 5 days a week. each day I play 2-8 hours in a number of capacities across my three accounts. I am yet to try Worm Holes, LOW sec (except for flying through it), Moon mining, trading (real trading), faction warfare, or half a dozen other things I cannot name.

Well running out of material. Finding it forced at this point. SO long for now. I'll TRY to post more, but well "I built a really big ship today!" or "Holly crap my BPOs have a ME of X and a PE of Y!" are not always great points of interest.



P.S. DEATH RACE BATH OF BLOOD!!!!!...check it here