Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Oh wait...I forgot to blog...

Now that the holidays are here and work has slowed to a standstill. I can take a breather and get back to non-essential tasks. rehash #20197 Life is busy!

Eve wise I used to have 10+ hours 5 days a week in which I could semi-afk play EvE. Now with the new RL job and such I get about 4 scattered hours of interactive play time a week. This means I'll more than likely fall back on manufacturing and trade for a bit. Yes yes, becoming another semi retired EvE blogger.

The "Industrial DeResolution" wormhole corp. I founded continues to do well. Having recently picked up 10 new members and a C3. We are chugging along like crazy which is awesome considering I as the CEO am mostly offline. Fortunately the Directors and mates are keeping it moving. One such director "Chromite" from South Africa is being himself and trying to conquer all of EvE through industry. The other directors are just blowing stuff up which is just fine.

I still have the C1 which is kind of my holiday WH now. Mostly for the PI and the quiet now. I might do some light T2 material refining in there and keep the sites worked as I get 30 mins here and there to focus. I sold my RHEA and Carrier a while back. Might be time to rebuild both for grins. Zomb can now fly Minnie Dreads as well.

I still need to check out the new toys from the winter expansion. New mining frigate looks like fun. My vagabond got it's new nifty frill (hats of to Rixx Javix and the frill seekers). New destroyers and such etc. Now I have a safety to stop me from being stupid in Empire (lolz) and can flippers can get shot at by all apparently. Oh when I click stuff the camera shifts to it now. OH and I cannot seem to find the jukebox anymore?

Either way. Still out here and I'll blog now and then.