Thursday, November 17, 2011

Updates and such...

Hello again! It's been a long time since my last post. Seems to be a trend but I do have some news.

Project rhea is still on going, but a new and wealthy Corp. Member purchased one to help with the building of 2. I've been using it move stuff about and I have to tell you. It's a blast to right click and select jump and be on the other side of a region. Truly opens up new possibilities for me as a player, let alone for the corp and alliance.

HCSH has also set up some small moon mining endeavors to which the rhea helps no end in fueling and getting goods back to manufacturing and market. The moon mining and associated other activities have halved the build cost of all T2 ships. On the 2 rhea builds it will save us 6 BN alone. Worth a few large towers, some ice mining and a few extra PI alts.

PvP wise I am rapidly growing irate at myself for making ZombiNutz a Orca Pilot. I've been refining my gunnery skills and 'cane fit since my 8:1 encounter in lowsec. November 28th- December 3rd I plan to put the tweaks and training to the test. More to come here.

Like wise I have an in to go back out to Null sec. This time I have better logistics and a lot more capital behind me. It's a deviation to the master plan, but frankly I need a change.



Friday, November 4, 2011

Blowing off some steam.

Over the few years I've played EvE. I've blogged about PvP and getting my carebear paws bloody. A tale of 5 dead rifters etc. Other than some basic 0.0 gate gamps (both ends of the stick) and some highsec 1 Vs 1s my PvP experience has been limited.

Anyhow, I built Zombinutz 20 Hurricanes one day a month or so back. I sold off 10, fit 5 in a classic 425mm AC armor buffer fit for war time fun, and have another 5 waiting for arty specks when I get some more skills baked.Sadly the last 2 wars have been mega lame so tonight I decided it was time to burn a hull and go into lowsec.

I started in a specific part of LowSec that I ferry goods through often. There are a group of pirates that camp the gates praying on haulers and such that try to slip through. They have nabbed a few of my corp mates so I was looking to return the favor. I had a cloak in the highs as I was parked of one there favorite kill gates. Hoping to catch them in the act and jump them.Sadly none were about.

The alliance were talking smack about me floating in a 0.4 pipe hunting folks who were not online. One of the PvP focused dude was laying smack about coming down to shoot me himself. So I decide to head over to TAMA and take a walk though blackrise. Where there was a good chance I was going to die, or at least see some one to fight.

Jumped into Tama and local was 7. Not too exciting honestly, it tends to get busy at 20+ so I headed over to Kedama to start my planned run through blackrise. I jump through the gate into a nice 8 man Red Federation camp. Well the fight was on like it or not! I re-approached the gate at the first yellow box and they jumped folks through so I had two choices. A: Try to cut and run for another out gate or stick to plan B: and face the music back in tama.

I chose B and jumped through. I tried to warp through the gate to a planet but got pointed and webbed. I was 9k out full burn and locked onto a thorax as it was the one who aggressed and was nice and close. So it got the Neut and the ACs, the warrior II went after a rifter, but I pulled them back to finish off the thorax once it hit half armor. I was about 4K from the gate when the following happened. The thorax went down giving my first real solo kill. Hitting half structure I aligned to the out gate to high and mashed warp too. Irene ended her term of service and my pod was clear and in warp to the gate. Seems the stiletto, rifter and two jaguar were not fast enough on the pod so those implants live another day.

GFs exchanged in local and I'd taken my first step into solo lowsec PvP with a 1:1 kill:death and also getting the pod clear. It's 3 hours later and past 3 am local time. I am calm but some what excited. I remembered that I cooked my guns way too late when the thorax was half into armor. I should have went for the thresher and rifter first to get some webs off me and perhaps made the gate. Then again it's easy to look back and shouda-wouda-couda.

Next time I might take some friends with me, then again there is some satisfaction in going solo. Either way I really should do this more.



Fizzle pop

Well the war is over. A rather disappointing end to a rather dull 2 weeks. Seems like while we got a few kills most of the time it was station camping or chasing jump clones about.

The end was the disbanding of the opposing alliance and hence the forfeit of the wardec against us. Makes the mind boggle a little, but who am I to try and get into the minds of out assailants?!

In other news Rhea production progresses and mining resumes. Looking forward to the jump freighter and all it unlocks for the little Corp.

We added a few new members during the war. A couple of fine blokes from South Africa. I met them in local one day and started a wager over the SA VS AUST world rugby match. I ended up 50m isk and 2 new friends better off. So it was a good day.

The war has left a few of the ranks restless and hungry for pew pew that did not come with the war. As such I think it might be time for a little skirmish with a small pirate Corp that hunts the lowsec pipe between out offices. Hope to post some more on that soon.

Well back to it.