Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 2012

It's been a quiet time in EvE. A lot of mining and PI keeping POS online as they tick away. I've been building a rhea over the last 4 months or so. Choosing to react all composites from base moon minerals using 1 to 2 large towers in low sec. I have to say that building jump freighters is a PITA. While I built it for about half the market price. There are far better ways to make/save ISK in EvE. In the end though it does feel good to fly what you build and well if none of us took the time to build jump freighters eventually there would be none to buy.

We had another war in this  month. A small "mercenary" corp. decked our alliance consisting a combination of what seemed to be alts and a few older players. It was apparently retaliation for us shooting back when a suicide ganker hit an alliance Mackinaw fleet. Ah well, we might be bears but we also know EvE is PvP based. PvP is a 2 sided coin right?! ;) Such is the way of things...

Anyhow said war was short with only a hand full of kills. In the end the mercs took a thrashing and negotiated an early end to the war. Zombinutz got in on a few kills to boost his sorely underpopulated Kill board in the form of a nice Tengu and megathron kill. I also got to actually shoot at someone with the Manticore I fit up sometime last year for a war that never really saw much action. So I guess there is a good side to this war.

This year the hermits will be looking to add members as we have seen some folks drop off out of the game. RL tends to keep all our active members busy and it's been a good while since we all were fleeted up doing some thing together. Then again the hermits are kind of like that by design. A safe place to do your own thing but have support of a corp. and alliance when needed/desired. All the same I'd like some more warm bodies in the corp. as we poke around in lowsec more and start to get more requests coming out of 0.0 for carrier/dread builds. We have had a few folks after Nyx, but sadly the alliance lacks the 0.0 access we need to build them. We have several skilled builders who can build pretty much anything. We have the mining means to hover up the minerals for these mammoth critters. We simply don't have the ties to a 0.0 system with the sov. to build Moms and titans. Ah well perhaps this will change this year. For now though more active hermits is the goal. So if you are looking for a Indy corp. in a good highsec alliance with plenty of business. Send Zombinutz an evemail/Private chat request or drop in to "HCSH - Tavern" our pub channel for a chat. We are picky because well we like to "know" each hermit as we welcome them to the family, but we accept all people who embrace the hermit way of life.

The real world in the USA is a busy unstable place. The economy is in recession and the job market is kind of hit or miss. I've survived a number of "reorgs" as my current employer shuffles and redefines it's business model to move past a 3 quarter slump. This tends to hamper my EvE time and it is not uncommon for me to disappear for a week or so now. Much the same goes for any of the folks I see online alot as they do what must be done in the real world. Infamous blogger Rixx Javix of Eveoganda last blogged about the pain of closing the doors of his RL business and the uncertainty ahead. It's been over a month since he posted. I fear that EvE has lost a great community champion to RL here. I truly hope he and his family are doing well and we will all read about his triumphant return in his signature style soon. The busy life also seems apparent in my South African Hermit brothers. Seeing them mostly for quick "howzit?" as they steal a moment to set training queues.

On that note, I'll close with glad tidings of prosperity and good health to the EvE community. Until next time.