Thursday, April 5, 2012

April 2012

It's been a steady time in and out of EvE. A RL family vacation to warmer parts recharged some batteries. A loss of a director and friend in EvE kind of slowed me down a bit in terms of corp. growth. In all things I feel a sense of shifting sails and uneasy decks under my feet. Change folks, change in all things is the taste I find in the winds kiss. I feel the pull on the wheel as my rudder seeks a fresher heading.

For well over a year I've called Kiskoken and it's surrounding pocket of highsec systems home. It's been very good to me and my hermit life style. Cut off from the rest of lonetrek by a small lowsec pipe. I found it to be a very quiet place with equally quiet neighbours. A lot like the sleepy little Country town in North Western Massachusetts where my Prime clone resides in the real world. Kind of the EvE equivalent of the classic North Eastern USA small country town if you will.

Like all things pristine it has found popularity of late. It's a excellent place to set up a R&D and manufacturing corp. It has ample free moons, a number of 0.5 systems, an Ice belt on a dead end system, and large fat belts full of ore. First bounce into the pipe there is a build station with a instawarp to the highsec out gate. It's got a lot to offer for the small corps. looking to poke away at life in EvE. A fact that most of the locals try to protect. Working hard to keep the larger alliances out, as best a small group of loners can. I fear this effort is failing and a lot of new faces are regularly in local. Even the locals have been fighting laterly and the belts are often contested.

I feel more and more that the run is coming to an end here for me. I've personally assassinated entire systems in rocks, several Ice Asteroids, and extracted billions of planet resources. I've researched BPOs till my labs grew tired and built shuttles to jump freighters out here. Yet there is only so long a man can mine ice and keep his trigger finger gloved.

So a move is coming for me in EvE. I cannot say where because well I have not decided yet. Ultimately I can see a few different paths for my 4 accounts. I can see more combat for Zomb, perhaps trying a lowsec corp. or even piracy. For Sob and the HCRND crew, I can see less time mining and more time trading for minerals for builds. With each BPO I buy and research my ship builds yield more profit. I find myself more and more buying rocks over mining them. So it's time to restructure my base of operations towards that. Like wise I am down to 1 medium POS now and even that is larger than my current needs.

We shall see what the rest of April brings, but change if only subtle, is coming.



P.S. Rhea build post coming. I am actually taking my time and writing this one less like the crazy crack ferret style I normally blog in. So no holding ya breath now.