Wednesday, October 3, 2012

All dressed up...Still no place to go! :(

It's been over a year now since Incarna was released in June of 2011. Introducing walk in stations as a new feature. With all the controversy around micro transaction and honestly the release lacking any true value to the game. Most people simply turn off captains quarters and well go about there day in spaceships as if nothing ever happened.

Since Incarna we have had these gorgeous new avatars that can be customized and tailored to fit pretty much any PG-13 image one wants to fly around space. We were also given head to toe clothing to don which was cool but pointless because people could at best see a head and shoulders. Many worked the angles and cameras to include some more "goods" in there portraits. I forget the exact patch in the last year when the e-perv full body view feature was released. It finally gave anyone the ability to see what we saw when strutting about our CQs, well assuming it meets the co-eq requirements to wear a shirt and pants. The games T for teen and we can see floating naked frozen corpses, but heaven forbid if some one undocks with out SHOES!!!

Yet still there is a limited application to all this eye candy. Niffty Jiggles here was built to strut and dressed in her leather Officers outfit is in the prime of her social life. She should be frequenting the bars and officers lounges in Caldari Stations. She should be able to use her "assets" to advance her career and gain advantages over her peers. Yet for the last year when she steps away from the mirror and to the door she is greeted with the same message "Station atmosphere not yet decontaminated for capsuleer consumption." The same she has seen every damn time she has pressed that button in her capsuleer life. Honestly it pisses her off that she can undock and be one with her spaceship, get blown to bits and wake up in a med bay light years away. Yet the brilliant minds of New Eden cannot allow her to walk and breathe clean air outside of her little room. Every damn time she walks out to look at her Raven, she wonders how it is she is standing on an open air balcony and YET she can breathe the air.

With DUST looming and in Beta the military application of two legs VS a meat suit in a pod is painting a stark reality. Folks can wander about and shoot at each other down on the dirty planets. The fictional propaganda videos dramatize an attractive woman executing payback to a double crossing orbital commander who nuked the ground forces he hired. Ya know, she walks up behind the dude and points her pistol at him. Psft, yeah right. Like THAT shit is ever gonna happen! It might be fun and well there have been some station campers over the years I'd love to walk up to and shoot them in the head. Especially now implants costs are in pod kill mails. Heck I'd even be happy with the ability to flip them off or moon them from my open air balcony.

The bottom line is CCP has given us this thing. Stacked a failed micro transaction business on it. And yet we really don't have anything to use it for today or in the future. Yoda perhaps said it best "DO or DO NOT! There is no try!" While I love my spaceships and the current focus on spaceships. This Incarna crap should either be developed into something useful or scrapped all together. Shit at least let them run and jump and bounce and jiggle next patch. Perhaps make them walk right and not take awkward scissor steps when they cannot quite figure out if they are on that EXACT spot you just clicked. I mean how hard is it to build a bloody corridor and a common area and let people wander about?

OK off to sit on my sofa and entertain myself. Heck I might just go poke around the Worm Hole for kicks.