Thursday, June 28, 2012

Margin trading and a hot drop.

My time in EvE has been a little fractured this month. Running here and there in RL getting my Achilles sorted out (in a walking boot now, rehab starts in 2 weeks). As such the blog and frequency of posts are the first things to slip. Sure I could blog every day about what I did that day. I just don't think any of you want to read about what mission I ran, or lowsec belt rat I killed, or rock I mined.

I did have two new events/activities happen of late in EvE. The first was margin trading with my freshly trained trade alt. The other was hot dropping my carrier on a fleet from the folks who war decked our alliance.

Margin trading:

I am still getting a feel for this sport. Lots of watching items, calculating profits, and playing the 0.01 ISK game with other traders. I started out with a meager 2M ISK and closed out around 200M isk after my first week trading. Starting with small things like ammo and t1 drones. Then larger things like cruiser hulls and assault frigates. Shifting markets as they flatten and hauling stuff to another trade area when I find a good delta. However for the most part I've been trading in Jita and so far ISK out of nothing I have been making.

People call trading PvP and while I can see that you are competing with other players for those free ISKIES. I cannot say it's thrilling like the kind of PvP where you try to blow each other up. So yes, I don't see the PvP thrill of EvE trading. Sorry for those who get excited over it. I am just liking free ISKIES.

Hot dropping space pimps:

A war kicked up with The Silent trust and International space Pimps. We were once allies but ISP had a falling out with the alliance leaders and went there separate ways. We lived in peace for a while but some POS attacks and counter attacks lead to ISP war decking us. OH well, more PvP for me :)

The war was lame with a lot of station camps and a whole lot of nothing happening. I had suggested we fall back into lowsec, take some time to burn down some customs offices and see if the fight undocked and came looking for us. In the process I had offered to bring my carrier to help with the customs offices. FC said awesome, I took a shuttle ride over to my carrier.

On the ride over ISP started to log in pilots and neutral alts started poking around our fleet in lowsec. Our own scouts showed a comparable enemy gang forming. FC asked me if I was willing to HOT drop on gate. I said I'd drop it anywhere he liked so long as the fleet stayed to fight with me if they countered with caps. Fleet was game so I prepped the carrier for a fight.

So a camp was set up on the lowsec entry gate and sure enough the enemy fleet jumped in and attacked. I had undocked the carrier at the first gate flash and on command the cyno was lit and I jumped in. I was expecting a fight and perhaps a little rush. It was the first time I had committed the carrier to combat. What I got was a good chuckle and 2 kills.

Literally reds scattered like roaches when the light goes on. We managed to pin down a hurricane and a curse. ECM in the fleet locked them down and the 'cane was called primary. I started locking as soon as my over view rendered and I JUST got fighters on the 'cane. The curse got a little more of my attention and was obliterated before most of the fleet could shift fire.

We got called names. The other side rage logged. I hung with the fleet while my cyno pilots timer was done then bounced the carrier back home. Overkill perhaps, but it's EvE. No one give you a fair fight. Funny thing is we would have won the fight anyway, but that one drop pretty much ended the war. We snagged a stealth bomber before the war expired. Fun stuff.