Thursday, May 23, 2013

Where to live next?

I’ve lived in many parts of New Eden. However for the most part I have lived in Caldari space, more specifically Lonetrek. I always seem to gravitate back to this region after each adventure winds down and I need to return to a stable base before moving forward again. I’ve had sufficient time to regroup after stepping out of Wormholes a few months back. Now I need to decide where to live next or more so what to do for my next adventure.

I don’t think of myself as a well-traveled EvE player and I am sure there are many things I have still to add to my list of “stuff done”. Yet I’ve done a little more than plod around in highsec as well. So here is a short list of the things I’ve done over the last 4 years or so:

1: Null - miner, PvP, and dweller (providence)
2: Lowsec  - PvP pilot, Moon Miner, T2 production, and POS farm feeder (blackrise, khanid, and others)
4: Highsec- carebear – indy, missions, trade, PI, POS bashing, and wars (Amarr, Caldari, Gallente highsec)
5: WH – CEO -  PvP, indy, miner, and POS feeder (Corp. C1, alliance C6)
6: Carrier and Jump Freighter pilot (I can fly dreads too)

I’ve yet to do much in Minmatar space except fly down there for skill books etc. I’ve been pondering faction war for a bit and well might cut loose and burn some frigate hulls. I’ve been pondering  lowsec/NPC Null sec exploration but well that has its ups and downs. I’ve been pondering a tengu joy ride trying to hit the middle system in each of the region maps on Dotlan.

Ultimately I play less these days but find when I do play the things I find myself doing are things I find fun. Highsec has limited fun and solo PvP in lowsec wise I always seem to find a Cyno alt or a small gang with no in between. So perhaps some kind of pilgrimage is in order.

Hmm…perhaps I will see how many regions I can visit in a T3. Worst case I blow 1BN isk at the first good gate camp…Either way more fun than building orcas.