Friday, July 29, 2011

Grand Master Plan...

We all have one. A Grand Master Plan that we strive towards. Some are simple like "I will kill EVERYONE in lowsec today!" and other more Grand "I will convince everyone in Providence I am the ONE true Ruler!". Yet most of us really just need ISK to pay for our plans. So one could consider making ISK and lot of it the common Grand Master Plan for most EVE players.

There are many ways to make ISK in EVE. From modest belt ratting and salvaging to multi faceted 0.0 mega conglomerates. I've been making 140-150M ISK a day mining ice 4 days a week of late. It's tedious work best suited for bots, but I can do it while engaged in other life tasks. So for me it's a pretty damn fine way to make isk requiring two drag and drops every 4 mins and a dock and unload every hour or so. Pretty much like watching any other of the processes I monitor daily.

Anyhow I have a few other passive income slots as well through P.I. and research. I also have this wonderful little highsec POS tucked away with lots of copy slots available. See the plan is not a new one, nor is it really that cunning. In fact a number of other bloggers are currently vacationing from there WH or 0.0 lives to do it. It's really just the BPC market and building anything from an Orca to a Dred. See today if I want to build an Orca, I have to shovel out 100M in BPCs to some one else or a Charon it's 200M for BPCs. NOT COOL!

Yet the cunning plan is not to do that anymore, but BUY my OWN capital ships and capital component BPOs and be the dude getting that 200M. Well that and adding 100-200M on top of the Orcas and Charons I build. Cunning plan yes YES it is.

BUT WAIT! Those Pesky ME and PE thingies are not there with new BPOs. Yeaps, this is true so this plan requires some nurturing and time to flourish. See an orca BPO takes about 8 months of stewing in a POS ME/PE lab before it can be really considered useful. Charon about the same. Capital components 1-2 months to simmer before serving. So really this is a 6-12 month plan of which I am well behind many other EvE players.

I am cool with this as, well I have my 5 day schedule where one day I do PI, feed the POS and stockpile rocks. Then the other 4 days I either mine rocks for corp projects, or suck in 1000+ blocks of white glaze to sell in the 138,000-154,000 per block markets we are seeing these days. So time and ISK I have on my side.

Anyhows, that's the Grand Master Plan as of today...



Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Toy: Scorpion Navy Issue.

So it's no secret that I've been mining a LOT these days. Like 150M ISK a day worth of ice kind of mining, or all the rocks to build an orca in 4 days kind of mining. Silly amounts of time in a belt sucking in stuff. I've sworn off mining before and promised to never do it again. However honestly it's one of those past times in EVE that fits my 80% semi afk play time. So well I mine a lot...

Anyhow, I've put all that mining ISK into new mining fleets ships and BPOs for a good while now. My highsec POS has been invaluable and I get it's fuel for free through PI and 1 hours Ice mining a week. So it was time to invest in some fun ships for that 20% of my game time where I can actually focus on the game 100%

Last weeks war saw me spend about 100M ISK in new PvP fit ships that ultimately floated in space around a gate or station. Those are now stowed and ready for when I might need them again with a LOT of ammo and spare parts/hulls. So I decided it was time to spend some ISK on my Mission boats. The raven is long in the tooth now and a change was needed.

So I had two paths I could go down the Missile loving caldari path. The CNR or the Scorpion Navy Issue. More gank and more tank essentially. I tend to duel box missions in a pair of battle ships and constantly found myself adding RR from my second BS to the raven. This essentially meant I had a dominix in space with sentries out and the highs shield boosting the raven. I could have a T2 fit megathron instead of that Domi if the damn raven could tank. So ultimately I went for less gank and a more self sufficient tank. Hence the Navy Scorpion.

I fit it with an nice active tank and some T@ cruise launchers. Getting 80+% across all resists with my current skills and about 47M cap time before it bleeds dry with it all on. Here is the fit:


6 x Cruise Missile Launcher IIs
1 x Drone Link Augmentor

1 x meta 4 target painter (too lazy to type the full name)
2 x Invulnerability Field II
1 x Large Shield Booster
2 x Shield Boost Amplifier II
1 x Photon Scattering Field
1 x Head Dissipation Field II

2 x Capacitor Flux Coil II
2 x Ballistic Control System II

3 x Large Capacitor Control Circuit I

5 x Hobgoblin II
5 X Hammerhead II

Pretty standard stuff honestly for a PvE boat IMO, but some might disagree (post a fit if you do).

So I dropped by my local caldari Navy lvl 4 agent, pulled Guristas Extravaganza and set about the task of shooting red crosses dead. Dude I am not excited easy by level 4 after over 2 years as mostly a carebear. However I was very excited that this thing could aggro all the spawns in the last room (I triggered on purpose) andtank them all while I burned them down with cruise missile spam death and drones. If that was my old Active raven, I'd be out of cap boosters and dead or running about half way through it.

So this leaves me with a dilemma now. See I have this Gellante Battlle ship that really I don't need now and I have to find something for SOB to fly in missions to bring more gank to the party. PvE fit rail mega perhaps...



Sunday, July 24, 2011

War report:'s over?!?!

In the end I think our oppressors found the war to be equally lacking in stimulus as we did. We all spent time in local together. I tried to chat parley, they shunned. In the end the only shots fired were friendly shield tests.

In the end it did allow us to fit up some PvP ships, figure out what holes we wanted to fill, work on our fleet communications and well be able to stand and fight. I was able to share with some the techniques I learned for setting up camps etc in my short stay in 0.0. Also some folks got some free Jump Clones as a result of joining HCRND and it has Wicked good standings with Caldari State and navy.

So in short the war was not that exciting PvP wise. Honestly there was none. It was a good exercise in shutting the doors and putting the pointy end in space. So for that I can thank the corp. that dec'd us.

For now it's back to amassing large amounts of ISK and wondering if that HAM drake fit really would have worked :)



Thursday, July 21, 2011

War report Day 2

Well the picture should give you a clue. Our sole antagonist logs in for a bit. Accepts my private conversation but does not respond to my "Good Day. How are you today?" civilities. Yes I know, no comms blah blah, but as CEO I have to try to parlay. I add "Still not talking? Pity. Have a nice day." before closing the chat.

We sit on gates in battleships alone with juicy KILL mails written on the side. Scorpions of all things too with lousy tanks. Just waiting for this 5 year old pilot to reap us with her Manticore called "Jaws". Yet she simply sits there cloaked and chews gum. Ah well we try to be tasty snacks for our oppressors. We truly do.

I've been mining during the war. Put a raven in the cooker today after knocking out the last of the mats. Not really that hard solo mining bouncing belts staying aligned and watching local. Add some watch list contacts and a little healthy dSCAN now and then. Honestly it's a damn sight more exciting than mining during peace.

Logging for the day. ISK has been made and attempts to fight have been had. Lets hope tomorrow has a Kill mail eh?



Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On the go SOB: special WAR eddition

HCSH and HCRND have both been war decked by a 2 man Corp.

Pilots are 2 and 5 year pilots. One no kills the other 46.

All none combative crew removed from Corps. The rest are rallied and ready to play.

More to come...



Friday, July 15, 2011

On the go sob #6

Some members of HCSH joined with some former alliance folks to bash a POS. Not really huge news but there is a little back story.

See the POS belonged to our former alliance leader. Who through his own actions alienated most of us. The story would have ended there but said fellow accused certain folks of hiring a merc Corp to dec him. Claiming former Alliance members were plotting to explode his POS.

I cannot say if any one hired a copy or not. However those accused of the crime decided to be guilty. Boom one less POS on lowsec.



Friday, July 8, 2011

Random Stuff

There is no particular topic for this post. No real reason to write it honestly. It truly will be/is random stuff that popped into my head this Friday while I mined ice.

The first is that my net worth after a few years at this game is only about 6 BN ISK. Factoring in current wallet and assets. Not too much for 2 years of game play, but I guess we have all blown up ships and fired ammo. Still I need MORE net value. Taking a mental note to fix this, greed is good.

The next is the funny way old "associates" come out of the wood work from time to time. Not going to dive too deep in this pool, but I've had more than a few folks ask me to come shoot people in Null again of late. Not yet, the bear is still growing fat.

I like RJs twitter hats over at EVEOGANDA. They truly are THE vanity Item to have. I might ask him for a pony hat for Zombinutz as my new "about me" picture. Then again, I might leave him be.

Seems like some folks really have quit EVE over the last patch. Sad times but well folks are allowed to act as they will. I'll miss some blogs for sure. :(

I enjoyed this post over at eve's parity bit. I totally like the ideals of there needing to be a separate process for de-podding for those that want to walk. Just as I agree it's a bit much to go from the nervous system and brain of a ship and suddenly be a humanoid with perfect hair and an itchy head. Excellent suggestion of a middle ground stage. Solving many current ISSUES folks might have with CQ and the lack of the hanger/ship spinning state we all loved.

I have three accounts and yet I crave a 4th. WHY!?!

Will future releases of Incarna let me turn my corps public channel "HCSH-Tavern" into an Actual tavern? How much will it cost to have a bar? Will I need to hire bouncers? Will those be EVE players or Dust players? Does anyone want to hang out in my public corp. Bar and drink fictional drinks while sipping real ones alone in your office? Can I shoot those I don;t like when In my bar, can they shoot me. Will exotic dancers be PG-13 or M for mature if allowed. Can you get drunk in Incarna in my bar, and crash your ship into the docking bays? Who knows....Does anyone care?

All right, real world Mrs SOB birthday day. Off to make Chicken Piccata and eat some cake.



Saturday, July 2, 2011

On the go SOB #6

Sitting here watching my kids slice and dice objects on a Wii speed cutting game. I find my self pondering what next to do in EVE.

I've been mining like a crazed fool over the last few months. I've mined ice and rocks. Built charon and orca and ravens. I've made and spent and made back a few billion as well through inflated ice prices.

I should run more missions to raise standings with R&D corps. I should invent more T2 stuff. I should finish that Corp project. Yet I need more ISK for my goals, like all of us. So perhaps I might give trading a go.

I have some basic trading skills on sonofbraben, but will most likely split off an alt and train a dedicated trading pilot. The plan right now is to peel off 500M and see what my trading alt can do with it once trained.

Any advice from others is welcomed, even if I know another trader is competition.

And yes yes, buy low sell high! Check on that advice. :)



Friday, July 1, 2011

On the go sob #5

Hello EvE addicts. It has been a few days since incarna launched. While I am still ho hum about CQ. I have come terms with it and no longer fear the tyranny of micro transactions.

It is a little early to truly judge either feature just yet honestly. Not to mention since the launch I've mined enough rocks to bake an Orca and added half a billion ISK to my wallet.

So really the world has not imploded for me and I am not near emo rage quitting.