Wednesday, October 26, 2011

War time activities

Well it has been a dull few days in the war. At first I was all keen and spent most of my time with mains logged off in the last known location of my enemies with an alt logged in. Watching and waiting. However after 24 hours of them not logging in. Not 1. I decided it was time to be more productive.

So I peeled off one of my pilots and set out into lowsec. See I have this need for moon goo. I have some large T2 ships to build and well having a supply of moon goo would save me a small fortune. This means going to 0.1-0.3 systems and scanning moons.

I will say the process for scanning moons is a little dry with a cov ops frigate, expanded probe launcher, and discovery probes. You point the ship at the moon, fire probe, cloak, and wait 10 mins for results.

Those results are either a pop-up saying "tough luck" or a flashy tab and entry on you moon analysis tab under you scanning menu. I found out that if you log out this tab clears. So spreadsheets are a must.

I also took the time to note the moons that were occupied as well. What kind of POS, was it online, who owned it, what arrays it had anchored, and that sort of thing. Know thy neighbours and all that.

I spent a day and surveyed over 80 moons across a few select systems. It was more fun than waiting for the other team to show up for the war and I found several moons with the mineral types I was looking for. Cost me about 30M with the ship, fit and probes. Not bad and cheaper than loosing a 'cane.

Today I just blatantly mined all day. The other team had one pilot log in to scamper about for around half an hour before logging off. Seriously they declared war against our alliance...I swear it.

Honestly I think a war dec should auto retract if the decking CEO does not log in for longer than an hour every 24 hours. Oh and the decking Corp/alliance should be forced to pay the other side 10x the dec fee if this default happens.



Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another war...

Another week of sitting in a PvP ship trying to start a fight.

Seriously why wardec and then jump clone 32 jumps away!?

I mean shit I offered 2 ponies, a stripper pole, girl scout cookies with a troop of naked tween girl scouts, my ship, my pod with a 200m isk bounty, and my sister. All the other dude had to do was un-dock or leave the alliance that has decked us. One of my alliance mates said he was going to roll and alt, join the other side and cash that deal out.

We are sadly reduced to gang raping known ice mining Alts of the decing corps leader in destroyers for kicks.

My security status be falling, soon I'll not be able to return to my carebear ways and then what am I to do with 10 pre-fit 425mm 'canes?!

I also most tagged a orca last night I was at 12km full burn with scram cooked when it warped :( I'll get it, even if I I've to dec this ass clown myself for a week or two.



Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ship spinning is back

Well more so I am not forced to load CQ anymore. The simple things in life just returned. Oh happy Indy pilot I am.



Thursday, October 13, 2011

Project Rhea

Quick little update on current doings in EvE.

First of all the dev blog on balancing for Capital ships appears to be a step towards a happier EvE. Yeah sure I am not much in the know about supercapital battles. However I like the fact that super carriers can no longer carry all kinds of drones. I like that Titan super weapons can not target sub caps. I also like no logiffski as well. Seems to me like a step in the right direction. I mean more use for sub-caps. Supercaps bought in for killing other supercaps and not some dude in a drake. No more "oh snap! My titan is pointed with a failing tank. I'll just log off and play an alt for a day then log back in to my ship later!" bull. You put it on the field you darn well be ready to loose it.

So one of the things that a Titan super weapon can shoot still post patch are jump freighters. Oddly enough this is some thing I am learning about.

See I have this fully trained freighter alt now. All ready to fly his Rhea. The down side is I don't own a Rhea...

What to do!? Why build one of course. 5.6 bn for a Charon with so so cargo capacity that can jump 5ly us silly talk. So I am busy building all the little bits that I can.

Anyhow this be an iPhone post. So not too much detail, but I will post a full report on the ins and outs and savings in building my own Rhea!