Thursday, June 13, 2013

New home – Genesis

Last post I chatted about lonetrek being a long term home for me for many of my years. I am still deciding what to do next, but I was drawn to Genesis as a new base of operations. Perhaps it’s the whole 10 year anniversary calling me back to the “roots” of New Eden. Perhaps it’s the quiet systems and need for change. All the same I’ve trucked a large subset of my stuff 20j away from familiar (again) to see what trouble I can get into.

Sure I have to grind Amarr standings to put up a POS again. Then again you have to almost wardec someone now to stand up a POS in 0.5 Caldari space. So some senseless courier missions while I watch TV for a while and I’ll be done with all that.

Odyssey so far has not affected me much. I can still fly pretty much any ship I could before. The new gate animations and moved undock button don’t bother me at all. I did find an anomaly warping around asteroid belts in my jaguar with-out so much of a single click of a scan button. So I ran it for grins. I’ve not really played enough to comment past this.

I still plan to do a journey of sorts. I’ve got to rebuild my ISK a little before I can begin but I opened up the full map of eve the other day trying to plot jump ranges from Genesis to the market hubs (not awesome). When I did I was kind of shamed at how little of EVE space I have seen. When a man feels shame he is biologically driven to take action to atone.

I really should fly lowsec more looking for fights. Perhaps I’ll troll around the EVE Gate systems for grins. Little historical camp ground violence.