Saturday, February 12, 2011

The blur

Ever had one of those weeks? The kind of week where it all blurs together? This past week was one such for me.

It started with a flight across the US from east coast to west coast. It ended with a red eye flight from west to east coasts. In between were long days of meetings and long nights of drinking. Many j├Ągerbombs and Scotch mixed in with some pool and after work chats about work.

In the middle of all this got a new work laptop that needed some love to get EVE to play. Oh and all three of my accounts ran out of training. So some where in the blur at around 3am while suffering the effects of booze. I some how was able to get EVE to run and set my queues, start the PI farms and reply to a few mails.

So to those in my alliance please do not take it personal when I opt to not join that mining op for a bit. This week I plan to run missions until I can finish the standings grind I need for a Highsec POS. Should be worth a few ISK too. :)



1 comment:

  1. Yikes! Hope the days get better for you, that sounded horrible.