Thursday, March 3, 2011

On the go SOB #2

Well it seems like quick mobile blogage are how I post these days. It has been a busy time in the carebear life.

Hulkageddon IV was about since I last posted. Rather than complain I used the week to raise my standings with Caldari state. Now I have a Highsec research POS. Thank you hulkageddon. I also like the crazy ice and mineral prices.

Sonofbraben ticked over 20m skill points and Zombinutz is deep into torpedoes V getting his manticore on for grins. Sob also trained research project management to IV so I have datacores coming out my implant slots.

I had a few 1 v 1 with zomb. Won one against our alliance leaders PvP toon. Had a very dull stalemate with Astral Dominix and the BBW issued a challenge I plan to honor. It is nice to burn a hull and have some fun. I need to follow up with a few other Ritter duels that have slipped away as well. Time to stop being a freaking carebear.

Not sure what's next. My 3rd account is ticking along with a second hulk pilot near done. Then a jump freighter pilot. I have some other alt ideas as well to get a little more out of my 3 subs.

There is a lot of chatter around me at the moment for a return to 0.0 in a number of angles. I still face a time crunch dilemma. I don't want to feel like I miss the party every time in do get to log in. Nor do I want to be that guy who is never around. We shall see.



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