Monday, January 3, 2011

Healthcare for Space Hermits is recruiting.

The title pretty much sums up what this post is about. I have my doors open for new pilots, young or old, to come join the crew of select folks who carry the HCSH banner.

What is Healthcare for Space Hermits?

We are a small corporation by design with a firm value placed on having fun and taking care of our own. We are primarily industry based and as such we mine stuff, refine stuff, and build stuff to sell to people for profit put VERY simply. We run missions, explore sites, poke out noses into worm holes, and even take vacations into LowSec for much needed PvP breaks to blow off steam.

HCSH is growing because our goals are growing. We are building bigger stuff these days, more high-tech stuff, and are part of an Alliance who can and will be building the BIGGEST stuff of all. This means we need pilots looking to become part of something bigger. The good news is that something bigger is also very aware of the need to take care of all its members.

We have an inactivity policy in place to promote an active corporation. We only require that you log into EVE and play the game to remain active. If you know you’re going to be away for some time a quick in game email is all it takes to be placed in “inactive” status and not removed from the corporation after 1 month of inactivity.

We have a 5% tax rate to pay the bills. We expect our members to treat each other and the alliance members with respect and courtesy. We are not pirates or grifers and tend to discourage such acts. We don’t like wars, but fight them should they be unavoidable.

What kind of CEO am I?

I really hate this question. I don’t care for titles and politics that much. I like to log in and have fun while getting stuff done. Anyhow here goes:

I tend to direct people towards opportunities inside EVE and the corporation rather than demand or order folks around. I don’t like to be told how it is and assume most mature gamers are the same. I encourage and reward people who move themselves and the corporation forward choosing to foster a pilots own drive not provide “work” for them. I take care of my own like they are family. I’ll negotiate discounts\free replacements of lost ships with in our Alliance. I’ll split the cost of the next tier of ship with pilots who reach the next level in their fields. I’ve been known to drop PvP ships into hangers of industrial pilots with a note like “Let’s go trash some of what we build for fun!”

I have 4 pilots across 2 accounts with in the corporation ranging from PI/R&D mules to PvP focused pilots. Most days I’ll be logged in doing some manner of things in Empire or lowsec these days. I am always happy to lend a hand to folks in the corporation or alliance. I’ve been known to make 50 jump round trips to help folks with a Mission or help them mine\haul ore from a grav site. I spin up adhoc operations for ISK and host weekly alliance operations towards it’s goals. I play starting at 14:00 server time most days and can be on and off around the clock depending on what is going on.

Above all else I like to have fun and share my EVE time with friends. If EVE becomes too much like work then it’s time to mix it up and find new fun things to do. I do have goals inside the game and like to get them done. I believe to be able to help others you first need to have a sound grip on your own space within the game.

HCSH and the PIES alliance:

HCSH is a member of the PIES alliance of industrial minded corporations that covers Lonetrek and Sinq Laison regions today. It’s always expanding and is currently seeking new corporations to join our ranks with short term goals of member corporations is all 4 racial regions and a small foot hold in 0.0 space.

As CEO of HCSH I am a stake holder in this alliance and responsible for fostering it’s growth and prosperity. This means HCSH remains active with in the Alliance often hosting and driving operations that compliment the goals of the Alliance as a whole.

The alliance itself is formed to promote friendship and mutual growth. Its member corporations are mature EVE players who have a wealth of knowledge combined with excellent senses of humor. We all play for fun but know what needs to be done to keep the Alliance moving forward.


If yes, shoot an in game email to Sonofbraben or ZombiNutz to arrange for a meeting. Likewise drop into HCSH – Tavern in game chat channel and give us an o/.




  1. I, Rixx Javix, proudly endorse this post and urge all carebear industry minded individuals to join the corp mentioned above. If you like that sort of thing I cannot recommend highly enough the talented and sober individual Eve SOB as your guide into a lifetime of building, mining and whatnot. In other words, he's a good guy and I bet the corp is cool. If you like that sort of thing. Y'know, whatever it is he is talking about.

  2. We build stuff for you PvP minded folks to blow up. HCSH also likes to blow them up from time to time as well for fun. We find we build better ships if we know how they go boom. We are also in an Alliance with Mr Cul DuSac :)

    Either way thanks for the endorsement mate.

    How goes black mark?



  3. I thought so, tell him I said Howdy.

    Going ok, busy and insane and whatnot. But that's the way I like it. So far so good.