Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 - an EVE year in reflection

The blogger in me has been lazy this month. So lazy that this will be my 4th post in December which is a far cry from the 8-12 I normally produce. It's been a busy time and a sick time for me. I've had strep and bronchitis in the real world. Work has been uncharacteristically busy and family life has been the usual whirlwind that Christmas time whips up. My EVE time has been just as busy with my return to the carebear life from a small stay in 0.0. I've added members to my corporation, I've joined a new Alliance, and I've stepped up in the role as CEO and stake holder of both. I've got goals again that require action and planning. I am flying with some truly awesome people and having a lot of fun doing indy stuff.

Yet what really has 2010 meant for me in the EVE sense? In asking myself this question my brain kind of goes fuzzy at first. There is no solid answer as to what it's done for me and what I have done with my time. The easy answer is what 2010 in EVE has cost me financially which amounts to US$359.76 for the year. Compare this to buying my lunch each day I work at US$2080 for the year it's not that expensive. My cell phone costs me US$1200 ish a year as well. So financially EVE is a good thing for me.

However what good has it done for me in the grand scheme of it all? Back in January 15th of this year 2010 I started to blog about my EVE life. Back then I was a pimply noob with 2 accounts and a whole bunch of nothing else. I was handing out advice to noobs while barley having made it past the trials myself. I thought that traveling between Lonetrek and Sinq Laison was a long trip. I make this trip weekly now as if it were going for milk.

In February I started to think about PvP in EVE. I posted some comical Tristan and Incursus fits that make me chuckle today. I realized that while tanking skills were awesome they need weapons skills to be of any use. I also lost my first drake when I got it stuck in a structure and did not know about CTRL-Q and E-Warp. I was so pissed at loosing 50M and now I make that every other day organically.

March-July I bitched about real Life getting in the way of my EVE time. I lost direction in EVE and ended up joining a new corp. to focus on PvP with ZombiNutz. This lead to Null and sometime in the lawless space. I learned a lot about gate camps and how to safe up. I spent a lot of time station spinning and shooting POS and SBU. I lost ISK faster than I could make it and soon decided that I was not pulling my weight in Null and the right thing to do was pull out.

The rest of the year I spent bitching further about my real life getting in the way of EVE. I talked about PvP and some ideas I had for some fun things to do with T1 frigates. I roamed solo in Lowsec and could not get a Fair fight for the life of me. I realized that one man alone could not pull of my ideas and this is when the first sparks of my current EVE life began.

For the last few months of 2010 and even now as I finish this post. I've been seeking out people to share my EVE time with. I've added some select nice folks to Healthcare for Space Hermits and will continue to do so. In turn I have joined the PIES alliance which is comprised of some very talented and fun to fly with corporations. I log into hellos now and what are you doing today? I have fun flying with these people even on mind numbing ICE ops. We joke and help each other out.

So really what I have done in 2010 is realize that EVE is a very lame solo game. It is by finding the right people to play with that this game really starts to shine and take flight. I am driven again and can find so much to do and enjoy in EVE now. It even fits in with my Real life schedule allowing a little less time bitching about it.

So to all a happy and safe New Years Eve. See you in 2011 for some more blogging and internet space ships. Fly safe in New Eden and rip it up and have a safe AWESOME time in the real world.



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