Thursday, October 13, 2011

Project Rhea

Quick little update on current doings in EvE.

First of all the dev blog on balancing for Capital ships appears to be a step towards a happier EvE. Yeah sure I am not much in the know about supercapital battles. However I like the fact that super carriers can no longer carry all kinds of drones. I like that Titan super weapons can not target sub caps. I also like no logiffski as well. Seems to me like a step in the right direction. I mean more use for sub-caps. Supercaps bought in for killing other supercaps and not some dude in a drake. No more "oh snap! My titan is pointed with a failing tank. I'll just log off and play an alt for a day then log back in to my ship later!" bull. You put it on the field you darn well be ready to loose it.

So one of the things that a Titan super weapon can shoot still post patch are jump freighters. Oddly enough this is some thing I am learning about.

See I have this fully trained freighter alt now. All ready to fly his Rhea. The down side is I don't own a Rhea...

What to do!? Why build one of course. 5.6 bn for a Charon with so so cargo capacity that can jump 5ly us silly talk. So I am busy building all the little bits that I can.

Anyhow this be an iPhone post. So not too much detail, but I will post a full report on the ins and outs and savings in building my own Rhea!



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