Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another war...

Another week of sitting in a PvP ship trying to start a fight.

Seriously why wardec and then jump clone 32 jumps away!?

I mean shit I offered 2 ponies, a stripper pole, girl scout cookies with a troop of naked tween girl scouts, my ship, my pod with a 200m isk bounty, and my sister. All the other dude had to do was un-dock or leave the alliance that has decked us. One of my alliance mates said he was going to roll and alt, join the other side and cash that deal out.

We are sadly reduced to gang raping known ice mining Alts of the decing corps leader in destroyers for kicks.

My security status be falling, soon I'll not be able to return to my carebear ways and then what am I to do with 10 pre-fit 425mm 'canes?!

I also most tagged a orca last night I was at 12km full burn with scram cooked when it warped :( I'll get it, even if I I've to dec this ass clown myself for a week or two.



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