Friday, November 4, 2011

Fizzle pop

Well the war is over. A rather disappointing end to a rather dull 2 weeks. Seems like while we got a few kills most of the time it was station camping or chasing jump clones about.

The end was the disbanding of the opposing alliance and hence the forfeit of the wardec against us. Makes the mind boggle a little, but who am I to try and get into the minds of out assailants?!

In other news Rhea production progresses and mining resumes. Looking forward to the jump freighter and all it unlocks for the little Corp.

We added a few new members during the war. A couple of fine blokes from South Africa. I met them in local one day and started a wager over the SA VS AUST world rugby match. I ended up 50m isk and 2 new friends better off. So it was a good day.

The war has left a few of the ranks restless and hungry for pew pew that did not come with the war. As such I think it might be time for a little skirmish with a small pirate Corp that hunts the lowsec pipe between out offices. Hope to post some more on that soon.

Well back to it.



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