Thursday, November 17, 2011

Updates and such...

Hello again! It's been a long time since my last post. Seems to be a trend but I do have some news.

Project rhea is still on going, but a new and wealthy Corp. Member purchased one to help with the building of 2. I've been using it move stuff about and I have to tell you. It's a blast to right click and select jump and be on the other side of a region. Truly opens up new possibilities for me as a player, let alone for the corp and alliance.

HCSH has also set up some small moon mining endeavors to which the rhea helps no end in fueling and getting goods back to manufacturing and market. The moon mining and associated other activities have halved the build cost of all T2 ships. On the 2 rhea builds it will save us 6 BN alone. Worth a few large towers, some ice mining and a few extra PI alts.

PvP wise I am rapidly growing irate at myself for making ZombiNutz a Orca Pilot. I've been refining my gunnery skills and 'cane fit since my 8:1 encounter in lowsec. November 28th- December 3rd I plan to put the tweaks and training to the test. More to come here.

Like wise I have an in to go back out to Null sec. This time I have better logistics and a lot more capital behind me. It's a deviation to the master plan, but frankly I need a change.



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