Saturday, December 10, 2011

shifting changing EvE, why we love her.

It's late on a Saturday night around 11:30pm local. Not late by some standards, but late enough that I find it odd to be blogging. Yesterday was a long day in the real world. I was at the work grind fighting technology fires for 26 hours straight. I mined some ice in that time as I do as a back ground task to work. Some listen to music, others surf the web, for me I drag and drop 12 blocks of ice every 211 seconds as my mental stimulus at work. I spend 10+ hours a day actively working for my company and skip lunch breaks most days. I think I can afford an extra drag and drop here and there. At least I am not smoking for 10M every hour, or taking 2 hour lunch breaks, or talking to chuck by the water cooler for half the day.

I've just logged on for a "quick" shuffle of reactions and to check fuel levels etc. Seems like the few weeks initially estimated to cut over to the new fuel blocks is more like 6 weeks. This is cool. It means I go back to running my towers and fueling them based on CPU and Power usage for a bit longer. Less Ice to mine for fuel, more for profit.

I am reacting the materials required for the T2 parts for a Rhea. With a few towers and associated reactors (saving grid for guns and a few moon harvs) It's a slow process but one that requires little time feeding. The new online/offline times have made it SO much better for managing a reaction farm. Removing the fuel costs from the towers through a 30 planet PI farm (ran in 3 day cycles, hauled once a week) and semi afk Ice mining while working. I've gotten it down to about 3BN for the build cost for the Rhea. Give or take. That's 50% of current market and includes all BPCs (I own the T2 BPOs, and a few of the BPOs for the Charon), rare minerals, and moon minerals to react into the compounds to make the Rhea. Mining all the trit to iso my self. It's a 5-6 week process, but hey I can make ~3BN with most of it just being putting stuff in a reactor and letting it churn.

The corp. ticks along with a few new folks joining. Another 4 account mining nut like myself joined up and his mate who is a new eve player seeking PvP. Alliance members split off to form a 0.0 PvP corp. Have a 60 day trial that's going well. Giving us all the opportunity to break off and go play in Null. I've got too much respect for those trying to make a go of it to bounce in and out. At least until they are vetted with the alliance they joined.

Some plans to expand our operations to lowsec in 2012. A Rorqual is in the works and should be built in about 15 days. Opens a lot of doors like our first Rhea did as we have fully trained pilots for both now. So some more time poking around lowsec for quiet backwater systems that the piwates don;t visit much is on the docket as well.

We are pondering some WH fun with the new exciting PI taxes. One of the lowsec systems I have a POS in, the locals ripped out all the customs offices and set the tax to 10% to match highsec. So that's nice and there are some good planets out that way. I might drop a PI alt out there.

I''ve almost closed the blog a few times because of inactivity, but I am starting to dig deeper into industry and seeking rarer minerals. It might prove for some more posts of interest. Also VERY happy with crucible and all the goodies. Been playing with gank Naga with zomb. Fun stuff.



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