Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rightsizing my EvE Footprint.

With my recent departure from WH living coupled with my long time struggle for time commitment for EvE. It’s kind of time to be real about the 4 EvE accounts I run. Sure it’s handy to have 4 concurrent versions of “me” in space filling 4 different fleet roles. Being the scout, bait, and gankers was fun indeed. Being a 1 man asteroid stripping fiend was profitable too. Not to mention having 25 R&D agents RP jobs and 50 concurrent manufacturing slots made it super easy to build stuff and invent. Having 3 concurrent Cynos to jump at with my rhea/carrier was super handy too. Yet with 2-8 hours a week of EvE time these days 4 accounts is overkill.

Along these lines I've been looking to spend my hours less involved with trucking the endless amount of stuff around the gates of New Eden  With a WH you need a tower. With a tower comes fuel. Fuel means tracking crap around. To build capitals you need minerals. Minerals means trucking crap around. I really don’t like trucking crap around EvE. Over the years I have spent concurrent days/weeks of  play time doing so and honestly it’s dull. So I've been spending a lot of time preparing 6 pilots for deep sleep plus hauling all my stuffs to a single location, downsizing my indy network, and generally simplifying my EvE foot print. Why? So I can spend more time blowing up stuff and having fun.

With the subject of blowing stuff up it is twofold between PvE and PvP. The missions in EvE are very dry after 6 days let alone years of doing it on and off. Incursions are pretty easy to find a public fleet for as a logistics pilot or a dude who can fly a high DPS Battle ship. So that’s on my bucket list for my remaining pilots. I've never really wanted to be a pirate but I have enjoyed the few scraps I have had in lowsec over the years. So I might spend some time solo soul searching in the orange areas of the map. Mates tell me faction war is a blast too. So there are options for quick 2-4 hour bites of EvE explosions. I plan to make that a greater focus again.

The fun part is watching and partaking in the social study of human nature that is EvE. I am more than happy to spend a few hours in an ice belt in highsec. My orca and skiff hovering in mediocre amounts of ISK an hour while gankers and miners entertain me with their endless struggle between right and wrong. I love watching Pirates fight each other on lowsec gates too. Loot ninjas and missions runners comic gold. It’s all entertaining stuff that is worth me keeping a few monthly subscriptions. I've been chatting to the gankers more, seeking out the fights between the “bad guys”, and well I've always found ninjas to be hilarious folks to chat with. In fact some of the best times had running missions are playing games with Ninjas and chatting to them after about the day they have had.

Either way still out here doing my thing in my own space hermit way. Enjoying EvE as time allows but soon I’ll be doing it with just 2 accounts.




  1. "The fun part is watching and partaking in the social study of human nature that is EvE".

    Enjoyable quote there. May use it some day for a QOTD.

    Good to see you posting again. Life always get in the way of trying to do do other things.

    I only have 2 accounts, thats manageable for me. Hope it works out to your needs rightsizing your accounts.

  2. Yeah!! A new post!!

    I went through this early last year and took 8 ( or so, for some reason I still feel the need to be secret about a few of them ) accounts down to just one. And while I do miss some of the things those other accounts allowed me to do, I have not regretted that decision. It has allowed me better focus on the thing that I enjoy the most. It is amazing how much more I love Eve now because of that. Hope that happens for you as well.

  3. Holy crap that's a lot of accounts (for Rixx). Four is still a lot. I have 2 that I wish I could consolidate into 1 -- I just can't figure out how to do it and keep the flexibility. I can't PVP with 2 accounts at once because I'm not that talented, but it's nice to be able to have two accounts in space at the same time.