Thursday, December 9, 2010

Where in the universe is EVE SOB –December 2010 – late Edition

It is time for this month’s “Where in the Universe is EVE SOB” post where every month I summarize where I am at in EVE. I also throw in some real world stuff and the top CNN headline of the day for a historical WTF was the world doing back then element.

The new normal?

Here I am on the 9th getting to my monthly "first" of the month every month post out. While EVE time remains busy and productive. The same is also true with RL (cry me a river SOB) and such it seems that my blogging is the first thing to get skipped.

Added to that the dry and repetitive nature of carebearing there are only so many ways I can say "Made another 375M ISK this month from PI!" or "Training to build ship type X or mod type y this today!" This leaves me with an odd sense of not wanting to bore the crap out of the folks who do read this blog. So I post when I have something "exciting" like a new hull to shoot rats with or when I find a new way to make ISK.

So what am I doing:

Actually this past month has been busy! HCSH has joined a new alliance of super nice carebear types and we are doing collaborative carebear things together. The carebear ranch is now sharing ops with all the farms around it and the social aspect of the game has brought rewards. Perhaps I just joined a dropkick NULL sec alliance, but if I had this level of peer interaction out there. I'd would probably have found more time for gate camps and CTAs. Ah well water under the bridge. Right now I am thrilled with my new Sister corps and there pilots. Having a blast ripping up rats.

I have a dirty dark secret to share. See a while back I swore off mining and claimed it would be a long cold day in hell before I flew a mining ship in and asteroid belt. Well not only did I recently buy another Hulk. I also bought a Mackinaw as well. and have been doing weekly mining ops for both rocks and Ice. So all you wicked evil sinners out there better pack warm when you pass over. I still cannot say I enjoy mining but I do like making stuff which requires mined stuff.

Things I am training:

SonOfBraben: A whole lot of Science skills mostly. I did take a detour to sure up my RR drones and some of the base skills for a Gallente BS hulls. Kind of makes sense with a good chunk of my skills all ready invested in Drones and hybrids. Even if this guy is supposed to be pure Indy, I believe we all need to be able to shoot back to some level.

ZombiNutz: With the Raven fit done and the time I am in a fleet increasing a lot. I've actually taken a break from training hulls and guns in favor of leadership skills. So I am training leadership type stuff for both bearing and Pew Pew. Loving the extra boosts for very little time invested.

The Sisters: No change here. The Nuns are going about the daily duties at the P.I. convent with diligent devotion to the faith of making me ISK.

Real Life Stuffs:

The squirrels have abated and the bird feeders have the last few brave winter birds pecking away at the seeds in 13 F weather. We have had some snow all ready but nothing you can take a sled out on. My boys were sledding on frost this week full of eager extreme sledding mojo. My 5yo actually got a 2 foot jump off frost and you gotta love that little man. One second he is a quiet soft spoken lad who still sucks his thumb and snuggles with his mommy. The next he is in Thor mode yelling and smiting down foes while sliding down a rail.

Christmas is getting near and Santa is going broke accommodating the lists but knows the joys of the day will wash away the worry of the expense. My boys 5 and 7 both wanted iPADS and well Daddy does not have an iPAD so Santa is going to be a jerk this year and bring legos and Wii games and bikes and TOYS that are for 5 and 7 year old boys. Sheesh! lag gods all mighty why is it that kids want to be 21 the day they are born and drive an ariel atom to school? It takes all the combined efforts of Mrs. SOB and I to slow these boys DOWN and make them be KIDS! Yes I love them all the same and would not really want to change the drive them both have. These two will go far.

CNN Headline for Today:



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