Thursday, December 2, 2010


This week my duties as a professional geek have me hotel bound and working through the early hours. I am cutting over Fiber Channel fabrics replacing 5 year old director switches while not letting the customer facing services fall over. It’s tedious attention hungry work at 2am. As you might imagine this leaves me no time for EVE.

It’s funny though right before I hit the road for this current real life work adventure. Some pretty cool things happened in EVE. My corp. became a member of a brand new Alliance. The alliance founder and my sister corps are super nice people and the few times I was able to join them on ops. It was a riot.

I also had just hired a few new folks and owe them some of my time to get them moving down a path of interest to them.

I was putting some wear on my new raven as well and getting ready for some Alliance Level 5’s in the near future. I added some skills to make the drake perform a little better too. So the carebear PvE life was busy and actually fun. We are also getting ready to see what the Sansha folks have to offer when they are unleashed. Knowing my life and its timing they have all ready over run highsec and all the fights are done. :)

Anyhow, this week is almost done and I’ll be on my way home soon. In another week work pretty much grinds to a halt. SO a little more time for EVE is coming and I’ll be back soon. When I get settled a fresh"where in the universe is EVE SOB?" and some more info on the alliance. Perhaps some ravings about my next big plans.

Until then my beloved EVE and all those I share it with. I miss you.



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  1. Wondered where you got off to. Hope it was worth it. My week has been crazy and I am ready to fall over... but not yet. Not yet.