Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I need a swift kick in the blog!

I actually posted some thing. In the comments of said post Rixx Javix recently threatened to go Bruce Banner on me. So finally about a week or so after this I find myself actually here posting. I've been here a few times actually. Started to post some thing and just froze up and never finished. Anyhow...

It's been a long long time and the following are true statements:

1. I am not dead
2. I have not EMO RAGE quit EvE
3. Highsec has no corroded away my brain
4. I have not gone back to WoW
5. I was not the ONLY person taken out by the zombie Apocalypse!

SO what have I been doing!? Honestly a metric crap ton of mining with a side of mining and mining ice cream a la mode. Why have I been mining!?!! To build an Orca and a Charon and now another charon. Then perhaps a thanatos and who knows what. Oh and I've been mining with the new members in my rag tag little highsec corp. Well actually I have 2 of those now, but anyhow.

Let's see what else. Zombinutz can now fly a manticore fit that's pretty badass. He's got maxed Orca Leader ship skillz. He is working towards a nice fancy HAC. SonOfBraben can pretty much build anything except T3 stuff. Has his eyes on a thanatos for the winter. Sister Jayde can pretty much consider herself a expert Mining barge pilot and has a fully trained Charon Alt.

Outside of that I log in 5 days a week. each day I play 2-8 hours in a number of capacities across my three accounts. I am yet to try Worm Holes, LOW sec (except for flying through it), Moon mining, trading (real trading), faction warfare, or half a dozen other things I cannot name.

Well running out of material. Finding it forced at this point. SO long for now. I'll TRY to post more, but well "I built a really big ship today!" or "Holly crap my BPOs have a ME of X and a PE of Y!" are not always great points of interest.



P.S. DEATH RACE BATH OF BLOOD!!!!!...check it here

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  1. Yeah! Don't be so sure m8, I'm sure many other boring people would find your boring stories about building and mining... and building and mining... interesting. lol.

    You know I kid. But there is an audience for experiences and I'm sure you are having those. :)