Saturday, May 28, 2011

On the go SOB #3

Today I am out and about with my family and I had a though about the current state of HCSH.

I recently appointed 2 good friends as directors, The Sarj and Raknore. I then gave them the directive to grow the Corp and organize events and goals.

They freaked a bit thinking I was going to disappear. I assured them I am not. Explained that I simply wanted some folks who can help move the Corp forward and act in it's best interests when I am off line.

With this we are geared extremely well to help new players get started with EvE. We are also geared to give organized structure to more seasoned carebears.

Current Corp projects include building charons to sell for profit. (we build about 1 every 2 weeks).Restocking our frigate replacement pool for new pilots. Growing active members in UK and US time zones.

We are very laid back and tend to focus on helping our members become self sustaining. We encourage folks to set there own paths and are always open to suggestions for Corp projects.

Anyhow. I am very happy with the work of the directors as well as the steady Corp growth.



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