Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Disturbance in the blog force...

Things change they say. Those changes can be good and bad. I'd like to believe good things can last forever and through change the longevity of said good thing can be achieved. This assumes the the good core of it is not drastically altered to where it becomes a brand new good thing.

One might consider EvE to have changed drastically this year with Incrana and micro transactions. Others might consider it did not change enough where it needed too. This flux in the good thing that is "EVE" has changed one thing for sure. The face of the blogging community and while it's not the only factor at play. There is a unmistakable disturbance in the blog force here.

Perhaps the biggest news is that of the "blog father" CrazyKinux announcing his retirement from the EvE blogging world. Shutting down his famous EvE blog with this last Post. While it was not so much the game that created this action. It is still a blow to the community, as well, he bought popularity to EvE blogging and did tremendous things for EvE and those that play it. The blogPack and the blog Banter being 2 very notable children of his influence. It was these that compelled me to blog about EvE because it was just what people did when they played EvE. He will be missed but will he be replaced? Perhaps in small parts yes, but not as one individual IMO.

Outside this there are a few other ones to note. Helecity Bosson got banned. Mansai hung up the harness. Arukemos and keith Neilson got all RL on us. Mynxee's blog is now a private blog. While I cannot fault any of these people for there actions and convictions. They are blogs I read daily and many of them were instrumental in the community. They are missed.

My own blogging has become a slow trickle as well. It's not through lack of interest in the game but rather a drastic change in focus in my in game activities. I am currently 100% carebear mode and as a result I have blogged about 100% of what I am doing in the past. So aside from some updates, the annual war with a griefer, and new toys there is not much to blog about. Does this mean I don't play EvE anymore? Nope! Does this mean I am going to close the blog? Nope!

I am hoping the changes continue to happen to EvE. I hope those changes don't drive away players and entertaining bloggers. However for the PvP folks there seems to be very little love from CCP. Kind of scary in a self proclaimed PvP sandbox game that exists on the need for PEW PEW to blow shit up to drive the game economy along. Incarna was a MAJOR flop IMHO and should not have been released until it was fully baked. Microtransactions are 100% tied to Incarna today and created a Vast rift in the community. I hope CCP reads the signs and listens to the players, but hope is often that of people who are not wanting to face the truth. Space barbies and dress up seem to be the new direction of EvE for CCP. They all ready make all the money they can from PEW PEW. With dust coming, they need to add full body avitars to the game. I am kind of curious what they will do with Incarna past CQ. I'd love to be able to board ships with an assault team. I'd love to be able to land on my PI colonies and defend them. I'd love to have a bar as my corps. Public channel. I'd like the choice to find the station huggers in said bars and pop a cap in there dome. Will it happen? who knows. Yet if it does, what will that do the the community and the face of the EvE blog sphere?



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  1. May not be playing EVE but still in the neighborhood and read the all the daily blog memo's as they update. Blog force Disturbance I have noticed, thats close to home.

    EVE has had a major Disturbance in the force since Incarna launched and Monoclegate happened and caused lots of ripple. There is even more Disturbance in the force with the latest Dev blog that one is causing waves.