Monday, August 15, 2011

Updates and such...

Hello again Mom and the few others that read about my EVE life. It's been a while since I posted. Yes yes, it's always a while these days between posts. The thing is, well not much is happening. I've also kind of stopped posting thing I might do. Like cage fights or 5 dead rifters.

OK so with all that what has happened? I continue to buy and research BPOs. So much so that I recently upgraded my highsec POS from a small to medium tower. Added some fun stuff for R&D, Manufacturing and war time stuffs.

I've also added a 4th account to my ranks finding now that I get exponential gains from each mining pilot in my fleet. I also had more R&D and manufacturing slots than I had people to use them, and well the ability to fund accounts with Plex. It kind of just happened. Anyhow the new "guy" is chewing through exhumer/science/manufacturing school. He can fly a T2 fit Caracal for both PvE and PvP as well. His alt slots have some interesting plans, but that's one of those I might do things.

HCSH and HCRND are now part of an Alliance again. Former alliance mates formed up a new one and we are now part of Forged in Fire (FORG). It's an industrialist based highsec/lowsec Alliance which pretty much builds capital ships and such. So another alliance ticker at the end, but old folks I've known in game for a bit now.

My Rhea alt is slugging away at the requirements and optimals for the flight of the jump freighter. The most exciting part is that his PI side project is paying for the skill books along the way. The next big hurdle here is the RHEA itself. 5+ BN ISK for a hauler seems daunting, but with all things one must ponder the cost of building. Then it's just hours in a belt and stuff to buy in Jita. So with 50 days left on the train clock I am also looking at Rhea Build skills with SOB :)

Lets see what else. Oh yeas, SOBs personal "Monday" project is called "Project 20 'canes". This is exactly what it sounds like. After I mine POS ICE on Mondays I then go out and mine rocks towards a "project". This project is simply to build 20 hurricanes and the T2 fit I have chosen for it. Corp and Alliance folks asked me why I would want 20 fit 'canes and who pissed me off or needs to be kilt. I am not commenting on the future of these 20 'canes past the fit having a point and no desire to sell them. May or may not do anything with them at all. Right now 5/20 are built and this Monday is shaping up for a few more.

ICE mining for ISK continues to consume most of my time after this. I make 150M+ a day sitting in a belt while I RL work. Yes yes, I am bad working and playing video games. However my work gets done, and my company still gets 10+ hours a day out of my hide. I might surf the web a little (LOT) less, but well ice mining is a drag and drop every 4 mins and a dock and unload every hour and 20 mins. Either way ICE still provides me with the funding for new BPOs and toys like my Navy Scorp.

SOB is nearing the end of a long set of Science skill training for T2 anything building. I've been pondering a carrier for him next as a break from indy focus. Just as I have my eyes on a HAC and a new BS hull. SO I'll be training some new toys for him soon before T3 production skills etc. carrier is kind of cool and as I like to be able to build what I fly, it's another BPO set and potential buid to sell item for me. Oh and all those drones and such too :)

Anyhow, for now I am out of stuff to waffle about. Zomb is T2 HAC ready and training medium AC gun skillz at the moment just in case he stops being my ORCA bitch.



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