Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Standardized Monotony...

I was reading this DEV BLOG the other day. All keen about the prospect of 0.0 getting some love. Yet one line hit me like a ton of bricks smack in the face:

"Making something tedious will not stop players doing it if it's very clearly the best option. They'll do it, and they'll hate it"

OK so the dev blog itself has a lot more too it, but this line made me stop and think of the mindless repetitive stuff I do daily in EVE. That was the slapin the face. He are the things I do day in and day out:

1: Restart the processors on 25 planets
2: Mine 500-1000 blocks of Ice. drag and drop ice every 3.8M. Haul it to station every 1.2 hours.
3: Run the same 10 courier missions over and over to raise CreoDron standings for R&D
4: type "o/" in every chat channel
5: travel through lowsec but clicking warp too -> MWD -> Cov ops cloak.
6: add people to a fleet by selecting invite to fleet -> wing -> squad -> Squad member
7: Buy stuff low, haul, sell high
8: Click on Mail -> mark all as read on 90% of it.

I am sure there are more, but that's a pretty monotonous at least once a day routine. The sad thing is when I break from schedule and do something different. I warp to encounter -> ctrl+click all the + and then click on the missile spam death button. Then I salvage it all until I cannot keep my eyes open.

Seriously the carebear life is a whole mess of Standardized Monotony!



P.S. I hope they fix 0.0 and lowsec so I can GTFO out of

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