Friday, January 29, 2010

Ever not follow your own advice?

Some days I really can pull some serious scatter brain moments. If you have read my blogging to date you may have seen me scratching my head over the loss of LOLLYPOP! Just as you might have seen me advise new players to FOCUS DAMN IT!

Well I figured out why my Myrmidon sucks next to my Drake. It's not so much T1 Vs T2. It's not so much passive Shield tanking Vs Active Armor tanking. What it boils down too is I don't follow my own damn advice.

Drifting back a few weeks. I had decided to run missions with my mining account while Hulkageddon II was in full force. So I threw some quick and dirty skills towards a battle cruiser and I started the "grind" that is getting caldari navy from level 1 agents to level 3 agents. I could fit T1 active armor hardeners and Armor reps. I had T2 drone skills. The Myrmidon was a sure winner and should kick rat ass like my drake. Wrong...

See on my combat/hauler account I have all my shield compensation skills to level 4. On my mining account I have not one lick of time invested into the same resistance boosting skills for armor tanking. What this means is you can throw a wet rock soaked in any of the 4 damage types at my Myrmidon and little to none of that damage is mitigated. Even with T2 reppers and hardeners I am still flying around a wet paper bag with "resistance" written on it with crayon.

So basically in my haste to get out there and earn me some Caldari Navy LP. I neglected to stop and follow my own advice kids. FOCUS! The 14 million ISK reminder has EVEMON set to a skill plan to bring LOLLYPOP II up to speed.

You may all point and laugh now.



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