Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue. For all your online jerks, EVE I LOVE YOU!

So as I am new to blogging about EVE (or anything) perhaps now is a good time to take a crack at the Blog Banter topic. We have a special installment with prizes. The topic from CrazyKinux this round is "Why do you love EVE Online so much?"

Why do I love EVE?

As the title suggests EVE is a diversity of players and play styles. As a community even the most loathsome bugger who would loot his own mothers wreck after alpha striking her during birth bring color and inspiration to the world of EVE. So the first reason I love EVE is the people who play it. They are passionate, educated, open minded and most of all even a JERK will help you.

As I am really young by EVE terms (~4months) I cannot tell you that I love capital ship fleet war in LowSec. I love to read about it, I have EFT fits for super carriers etc. I love that it is an option I can take on some day. There is a huge source of the <3 factor. I mean the "grind" is what you make of it, not what the game dictates of you. There as SO many ways to achieve stuff that it's not really a grind, more a how does one achieve a goal. To think of all the HOURS I spent getting purple crap only to see it given out next patch. EVE would never cheat me so of her love.

EVE is the Mistress that does not pout over how often you call. Rather she is always delighted to see you and deliver the sugar. I have a busy real life (like most in the year 2010) and it's not realistic for me to plonk myself down in front of a computer for hours on end (even if I do some times). EVE allows me to play around my life and take a break from it. Even when I am not actively online I am training and making ISK. Which I can check from my PC or my iPhone. LOVE IT!

EVE is one dead sexy beast! The game just looks awesome. Even on a busted up 5 year old DELL laptop it looks awesome. The universe looks AWESOME! The way you die looks awesome. The bloody asteroids and the multiple streams of a fleet of strip miners looks awesome (might it bore you to tears)! It makes my eyes feel all perdy inside!

EVE is exciting! Yes I said it, it's down right exciting and I don't only mean when your locked in combat with T3 ships over a chunk of rock called "THE SH!T". It's exciting all the time. I get bloody excited when I scan down a grav site at 2am and face hours of forced 3 min cycles and hauler runs. I get excited when every single Merlin in a batch of 50 sells. I get excited when I undock. Christ I practically blow a gasket when some one locks me (rat or human) even if I intend to run. I might be still green, but I know folks who have beta accounts who still get pumped about the game. That Sir is a lot of LOVE!

So in all I do LOVE EVE online. I chat to it with friends who have tried it and quit (and asked me to stop talking about it). I check it all day on my iPhone. I have scheduled meetings around it. My wife for the longest time believed EVE was a cover name for a real Mistress (and I believe she is still jealous).

You don't play EVE. You court her in the evening hours. You ask her back to your house for some late night fun. In the morning she is there with you at breakfast. You call on her when life needs a lift. She is there always in your mind like a ray of sunlight on a dark winters day. EVE is not a game, but a companion. This is why I love EVE!