Monday, January 25, 2010

Someone took my lollypop!

Well more to the point, I got too bold (complacent) and it blew up. However this does require a little explanation.

Lollypop! was the name of my mission fitted myrmidon. I have not ran missions for a while with SonofBraben (my mining account) and during hulkageddon II decided to take a break from the rocks and run some Caldari navy missions. The experience went like this:

-Running level 1 missions in a battle cruiser requires as much attention as drying paint.
-Running level 2 missions in a Battle cruiser requires as much attention as rolling on paint.
-Running level 3 missions in a Battle cruiser required as much attention as jumping 20 systems.
*insert record scratch sound*

That is until I warped out to buy more ammo and came back into a mission with 40+ nasties, 15 of which were cruisers. Sure a t1 fit active armor tank Battlecruiser should hold. My passive shield tank drake sure did when I ran this mission (and it did when I brought it in as a t2 passive shield tank to finish off the mission).

BLUE FLASH! LAG! POP! Hey look rats don't pod people! W T F!

*insert head scratching sound*

Needless to say I learned ANOTHER lesson about loosing a ship yesterday. Sure insurance got me back a good chunk, sure insurance costs a chunk as well. I mean all in all I only lost 14M ISK to run a mission that with rewards and bounty nets about 1.2M ISK.

What this boils down to for me was the stark difference between a Caldari t2 fitted drake with a very generic passive shield tank and Heavy missiles fit Vs a Gallente t1 fitted myrmidon with an equally generic fitted active armor tank with T2 drones and Blasters fit.

After lollypop! went well POP! I grabbed the drake and warped to my wreck to do a "Snatch and Grab" of what ever was on the wreck. I got the majority of my T2 drones and some cap recharger II back (WOOT!) and started to warp out when I noticed that these fools were doing very little damage to my drake. So I set to full speed (a blistering 168m/s) away from the Pack O' rats and started to lock up the Cruisers and let loose some scourge heavy missiles. On my second system (I box 2 accounts). I had bought a new myrmidon and was fitting it out to get back to the action. basically there were only 10 ships left for the drones when I got Lollypop II back to the point her predecessor had flashed the final blue. The drake had never seen less that 50% shields and I had wrecks to loot all over the place.

Either way it seems that there is a huge difference between the two battle cruisers tank wise that I feel goes well beyond the T1 over T2 fittings. Perhaps it's skills. I sure have spent a lot of time on Zombinutz (my combat/hauler account) to fit and fly a drake (and other things) with some confidence. Sonofbraben can fly anything that has mining gear on it and has a solid base in refining and manufacturing (and can scan down stuff while cloaked). His armor skills don;t seem so bad either, and he has T2 drones to heavies. However his gunnery and defensive skills are lacking.

I'll add the Fits later on. For now I'll bring the Drake along to tank for missions with the Myrmidon (at least until I get trained for T2 armor reps and resistance boosters).




  1. T2 armor reps and t2 armor hardeners make a huge difference to flying the Myrm as does getting the BC skill up to 4 or 5. You should also try out using a passive shield Myrm, can tank like a drake and it doesn't hurt your overall DPS since most of that comes from your drones.

  2. Rounding out training on them now. I have a good start on passive shiled tanking based on the tank on my hulk. I never did consider a passive shield Myrm. rather looking to cross train for a drake.

    Thanks for Stopping in.

    Fly Safe!