Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why fly a hulk in highsec?

It's funny to see so many HULKs parked in a asteroid belt in a Highsec system. I mean sure they do have more mining bonus than say a covetor. Sure they do have more slots for fitting tanks and cargo expanders than a covetor. Sure they have twice the cargo hold of a covetor.

However for 10x the price these are not HUGE difference for highsec mining. I've had the skills and ISK to fly a hulk for a while now. I just cannot click on the buy button when my covetor can mine rocks almost as good.

So why people do you mine in a hulk in HighSec? Is it for the e-peen status of it? Is it because you bought one so cheap why not fly it? Am I missing some benfit of the hulk over the covetor? Is it simply because you like the extra Shields and not having to worry about the rats at all (afk miners)?

Anyhow, just some thing that makes me scratch my head.



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