Monday, May 10, 2010

Tick BLOODY Tock!

Ever feel like there are not enough hours in the day? This past week the sensation of Chronophobia has been paramount. Life was moving along at a 10AU/s constant with work, family, and EVE each trying to get me to exit warp and spend some quality time.

It’s not that I was not online or in-game. In fact this past week has seen as many hours logged as any other, perhaps a few more. My play hours have always been a little scattered but this past week fragmented and a sunder might be a better term. So hence it was very hard to settle into any kind of task when I could not commit to more than 30 minutes of play time at a whack during peak hours. So 0.0 had to wait.

I have been busy chasing down skill books for select T2 production runs, copying BPOs for invention, and grinding at some standings for a future POS. A hauler Alt has been getting some work moving stuff around un-seen while wars rage as well. Just as buying and centralizing those assets takes a time and are perfect tasks for scattered weeks.

So all is not lost to the blur of time this week and I should be doing my first T2 invention and production before the week is out. Likewise 12 rifters, 5 Caracals, and 2 drakes with PvP fittings and ammo should be staged for a JF to 0.0 this week as well. Meaning that soon as time allows there should be some more exciting stuff to blog about in 0.0.

This raises a question for the 0.0 (or any EVE) players:

How do you juggle life and EVE to accommodate the 0.0 ops that take a few hours of focused time or more?



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