Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ZombiNutz gets some PvP time!

After what seems like forever last night I was able to log in and take ZombiNutz out for a walk in the wide wild world. I jumped on Vent and strained to remember what I had set as my push to talk button. The dust on my headset mic was thick and needed some clearing before anyone could make out what I was saying. I found a fleet that was training defensive tactics in my 0.0 home system of 6-OQJV and strapped in with "oppsi" my anti frigate Caracal.

We did some fleet based station defensive training at first. With the focus being on fleet response times and folks knowing what to do when an order was given. Our FC took the time to explain what we were trying to achieve and gave everyone plenty of slack to learn the ropes. A large orange fleet came over the intel comms headed our way. Local spiked and we were all told to safe up. The FC then explained why we safe up when there is a blob serge. Essentially so we can all re-group and get focused on defending the system. It turned out that the fleet coming through was too great to engage and not interested in attacking the system. So we stood down while they passed and decided to re-ship for some gate camp training. I had a T1 tackle rifter dropped into my hanger from the alliance (thanks you very much) and after a quick upgrade of the scram and web from my ratting spoils. I was undocked and ready for some fun.

The FC set up scouts inside the fleet then we began to follow direction and move as directed out to our objective gates. We paused at the gate from 6-OQJV to learn a few basic formations for de-cloaking and tackling etc with a HIC bubble. Our FC was clear in his instruction and once again took the time to explain the tactics and mechanics of each "formation". The fleet started to gel and we moved out of home system for a real world test in the pipe.

Forward scouts were extended outside the end of the system we were about to jump into. Intel channels checked and then the fleet hopped. We all held cloak until given the orders to align to the next gate. Scouts were sent through before the fleet was warped to the next gate. On landing we were told to execute a position and then establish another. The fleet complied without too much more from the FC and we settled in. Scouts and intel ticked the comings and goings of the systems around us but it was quiet. To keep things moving our FC asked a nearby cloaky to give us a little test of our de-cloaking methods. He would jump through de-cloak and then re-cloak with us trying to find him before he left the bubble. We did this a few times and about 50% of the time we managed to de-cloak. The FC was happy that a group of Noobs were starting to shape up.

The group was getting rowdy and the FC did a good job of keeping us hungry but focused for a little bit longer. The hour was getting late and we had spent a lot of time drilling. Thus far we would have caught a few covert ops at our camp, but alas they were blues and not Kill Mail material. The FC then decide it was time to put us to the test. Scouts were sent off the pipe into a pocket held by the reds. The comms got excited and once again out FC got us back on track and we moved.

As we landed on the target gate we established our camp with less than 5 spoken words. We all listened to the scouts as they reported back and watched the intel channels. News came of a solo raven in the next system, followed by him landing on the far side of our gate. We all focused and the gate flashed. GO TIME! The red did what he should holding cloak and calling for Backup. Our FC noted this to us as expected and good behavior. The gate cloak timer seemed to take forever and the silence on vent was thick and tense. The raven broke cloak 13KM off me and I followed my training in case he had a cloak fitted. I cooked my scram and web and called point out the same time as our 'ceptor did. I then cooked my guns and rocket settling into a night tight orbit. With 15 of us laying into the raven it melted swiftly. (NO KM link allowed but I am sure you can figure out where to find it).

We held gate for a little longer and our FC calmed us down from kill frenzy rabble into an oiled machine once again. The he gave orders to pack up and align three times before the fleet warped. Some folks lost drones and the FC politely reminded them to follow orders and quit crying. We landed on station and docked to assess the backup. Sadly nothing came so, with it being late, we moved back to our home system for the night. The FC gave us all an "Atta boy" before we disband
So this was my first gate camp and fleet opp with Zombinutz inside the alliance. The FC did a great job both getting us ready in a short time for our ops and keeping us focused and moving. It was also a ton of fun and seemed very easy as we went about our business. It felt like I had done it a hundred times. The commands were easy to follow and clear. I'd go as far as saying they made sense and were delivered from someone I trusted. Odd considering it was my first trip out and I'd "known" the FC for all of 2 hours.

Looking forward to the next run! I tell you this fleet 0.0 PvP stuff could be taking up a LOT of my time. Why rat when you can fleet up and do some good in keeping our little pocket of Provi safe eh?




  1. Lol, I coulda written that post this time last year. Enjoy!

  2. Baby steps mate, baby steps :)

  3. balance is crucial...sounds like you have found the fun that I do when I get into fleets, sadly with all our damn moving around, that has not happened in about a week or so, but if only I could run anoms or something it would be alright.

    Good FC's are a treasure to be sure, I a;ways thank em whether I came home alive or in a pod, it didnt matter a good FC deserve thanks, and a bad FC deserves some encouragement if they really are trying.

    I wish you the best as your experience with fleets unfold...good hunting in Providence!