Tuesday, November 23, 2010

EVE Thanksgiving!

It's that time of year where most Americans be they resident or citizen of all religions (for the most part) prepare for the annual Thanksgiving day feast. I was not born here and hence not educated via the US schools. So at first this holiday appeared to me as a practice run for Christmas dinner with some elements of "Boxing day" thrown in. I still joke with my family back in Australia about it being a dressed rehearsal for Christmas dinner.

I've lived in the US now for over a decade and even sadly speak Bostralian now over pure Australian. Over the years my views on thanksgiving have altered slightly. I've come to understand the holiday more as a time to lay aside our differences and give thanks for all the things in our life that defines it. Thanking the good people for loving us and sharing their life with us in happiness. Thanking the Jerks in our life for defining what we dislike in others (someone has to do it). Thanking the dog for being a brainless stomach and chewing up our socks. Thanking our co-workers for various things both good and bad they do throughout the year. It's a time of settling our differences and being grateful for being above ground. The rest of the year we can stomp around miserably and curse it all, but this day everyone should get over them self and give thanks. Kind of a cool idea I think even if we should aspire to do this more than once a year. Oh and we get to eat Silly amounts of roast turkey , veggies, and 2-3 different kinds of pie!

So thanksgiving week on this blog I'd like to thank a few folks in the EVE community:

1: I'd like to thank HellGodofWar for reminding me that Hulks explode when you do stupid things with them. Like flying the through lowsec entry systems without a scout. Thanks Buddy. However trade the drake in for some DPS, that was painfully long. Cudos on the pro-bump when I tried to reproach. Kill mail here

2: I'd like to thank the 5 new pilots who have joined HCSH. Wish I saw you all on more and did not have to think you were ALL waiting to steal my stuff. If you need anything let me know (except all my stuff).

3: I'd like to thank all pirates, ninjas, suicide gankers, and colorful local smack talkers for the entertainment value they bring to EVE every single damn day.

4: I'd like to thank Logan, Kirth, Rixx, and all the other bloggers who have always given me good advice. Hope your RL lets you get your PvP one more. Special thanks to Astral Domnix for being a himself and recommending I join his corp. moments before he left it. I've had some fun and made some great friends as a result.

5: I'd like to thank "The Sarj" for being himself. He may never read this but thanks all the same you Twat!

6: I'd like to sincerely thank Paul a real life friend who convinced me to play EVE. He emo rage quit the game 3 months later over Ninjas in his missions, but with out his suggestion. I'd be out there some palce else finding reasons to quit WoW. That is truly something to be thankful for.

7: I'd like to thank Mom and the other souls who choose to read this blog. I truly don't understand why you read about my EVE life. It's not THAT awesome compared to the high rollers who shoot people in the face. Thanks all the same as it gives me something other than myself to write for. Love you Mom!

What are you thankful for in the EVE sense?




  1. ((I'm totally grateful to Rana Ash, Arkady and the rest for putting up with me and letting me into EM!))

    Mainly I am thankful that I get food whenever I want, get to sleep insane hours and make tons of cash :) Capsulleering is fun!

  2. I'm thankful that the kids camping that gate that i was sitting AFK at, didn decide to instapop me... I didnt feel like loosing a 2nd firetail in 2 days

    And, I'm thankful that your recognize that you no longer speak true australian. Although i would be more thankful if you still did. :D

  3. I'm thankful for lots of good blogs to read, although you have to read every day or you get waaaay behind! Sheesh. Mostly I'm thankful for this stupid game we all play, without it... well it really isn't worth thinking about.

    Hope you had a good dress rehearsal m8!

  4. @ Rixx - The SOB family had a great thanksgiving. It was just myself, Mrs SOB, and the two mini clones this year. We all chipped in with the cooking and hence eating. Was a great day. Hope you had a good break as well RJ. reading the blog it seems you came back to some more moving. Good luck getting settled.

    @tetraEtc - Yes being from NSW origionally I had a kind of half Irish Aussie slant, so slipping into a Boston slang was easy. We all must be honest with ourself. :)

    @ Kalaratiri - LOL! Free food is good.