Tuesday, June 14, 2011

EVE gets DDoS hacked

I was just logging in today when boom, all three of my accounts disconnect. Sockets close, corrupt sessions and no love trying to log in.

Hit http://eve-offline.net/ and watched as everything but Serenity turned to a red circle with a big X in the middle. Then I hit the EVE Online facebook page and read the news about the attack and the measures taken.

So a lot of $5 fools were on facebook complaining about the game being down and demanding it be bought back or free ISK/Skillpoints/ponies be given out. The older wiser $150 fools were glad that they set long skills to train. The $1000 fools like myself were hoping that this day would end with out some 14 year old ordering porn with my creditcard information. /emote prays his card is not being entered into -censored-.com

Seems like the world of the 14 year old pimply geeks with a love for basement air and mothers fine microwave cooking is a buzz these days. I mean playstation network, nintendo, and now EVE Online. Seems like gamers are targets and one can only wounder how long it will be before blizzard is in the news for a hack attempt on WoW. Gasp the 14 year olds are attacking each other...Old farts like me best go back to simple games like pong if we want to be safe.

Well I am off to see what is outside of the basement. Perhaps I'll watch a movie with my kids, mow the lawn, take a walk, or grill a tasty steak. I am sure CCP will get the firewall rules fixed and the environment back online soon enough.



P.S. lets really hope no private User information was gained.

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