Thursday, June 23, 2011

Incarna - how many folks will it turn away?!

I am a huge fan of change and game progressions. I really truly am to the point of spending cash to buy additional content etc. For the most part added content and features are happy times for the players of a game and a sign of a game developers longevity. I just don't get how captain's quarters and this silly vanity item shop gives any EVE player a chubby!?

Lets review the patch shall we:

1: So we get to strut about in a small dimly lit room, forced to wear cloths, and experience buggy shading and horrendous video card requirements for it. Um yeah, nice job. Certainly worth a day of downtime, client disconnects, and loosing half my active corp members while they figure out if they need to buy a new PC, or just turn that shit off.

2: Animated turrets and stuff. This is actually pretty damn cool for the first 2-3 times you undock a ship and shoot some thing with it. Sadly the animations require you to be zoomed in to really see them. Great for the EVE movie makers, a meh for the folks who actually want to fight.

3: "micro" transaction Vanity items. OK it seems like micro in Iceland has been miss translated to MASSIVE. I mean OH MY F##KING GOD a plex =3500 AUR. Seriously spending $15 for some boots that suck!? Looking at the VAST selection of available cloths, that all look like some messed up, bad porn spoof of a WW2 Uniform. Folks missed the mark, and I mean shooting at jita and hitting SKG-PY kind of off the mark. FAIL!!!!

4: Agent finder: GREAT, it's pretty much a built in version of So for us agent based carebear PvE types, it's one less bookmark in the in game browser. It does mean we can start conversations with that agent with one less copy and paste. So hey, Nice job, really I like it.

5: other crap. Some one told me salvages have a longer range now. That's nice. I now have this feature where my clients randomly disconnect. great I guess. My undock button comes and goes, as does local/corp chat channels. Awesome, those are dull anyways. I need to dig in an extra layer when trying to move stuff from my ship to the corp hangers now. Steller.

I know at least 5 people in my VERY small list of close associates in EVE who are pretty much unable to play the game at the moment. Either through needing a hardware upgrade, or horrendous issues with the game. I know at least 3 of those will probably walk away. So lets see how that might scale. 300k subscribers. If in 1 in every 50 players rage quits because of this patch, that's what 6000 people out the door. That's US$90,000 a month in lost subscriptions... Ah well DUST 514 will save CCP...

All grumbling aside, I hope the game does not suffer for this. I hope CCP gets a clue about the definition of micro, and stabilizes incarna. Makes it worth the time to be the cyber punk full body avatar with out COMPLETELY forgetting what EVE is, an Internet SPACESHIP game. I mean one real rival game, and New Eden will be dust and dried up pod fluid. I mean really if BioWare made a MMO Masseffect with more space combat....Ponder that a sec CCP.

Fly safe, or sit blandly in your dark cell.




  1. Actually like the Pic, somehow reminds me of the hangar door already having turned off the Station Environment. Unless things improve CQ will probably stay off.

    The new Turrets are nice as well the Agent Finder. Didn't pay any real attention to the exchange store.

    CCP probably need to dig deep and figure out what they really need to do to recover from a bad week. Launching a expansion should be happy times, don't think they feeling the love in Iceland at the moment.

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