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Where in the universe is EVE SOB – June 2010

It is time for this month’s “Where in the Universe is EVE SOB” post where every month I summarize where I am at in EVE. I also throw in some real world stuff and the top CNN headline of the day for a historical WTF was the world doing back then element.

Time keeps on slipping into the future. DAMN IT ALL!

So records indicate the last WUES was in DECEMBER 2010! Um yeah, sorry about that. What can I say, been lacking in the blog inspiration fund for a while. However with the new folks in the corp. and some interest in PvP and well the current ice prices in lonetrek. Activity has been enough that I find myself with that itching burning sensation to blog. (TMI?! OK noted)

Warning issued that it's still going to be highsec carebear stuff for the most part. It might well cause a few comas in the readers, but well why have a blog if you don't post eh? Hold on I am about to turn this thing up to MAX and get it spinning at a blistering 2 RPM.

So what am I doing:

hmm... Let's see. I/we the executive committee responsible for healthcare for Space Hermits corporation are seeking young and eager pilots to join our organization. As such ranks are growing and the potential to inflict some serious harm on asteroids and frigate belts rats has grown. This in turn means we can build it. Well most stuff that is and slowly find our little crew entering the capital ship market. WOOT!

With Ice as high as 190,000ISK a block in and around Jita. I also find myself spending mind numbing amounts of time in an Ice belt these days. I mine 112 blocks an hour which nets me about 20 Million ISK and I do this semi afk while I chat and work for 6-8 hours. So sitting about I make about 120-160 Million ISK 5 days a week. Yes I could make that easier in Null sec ratting sure, or moon mining in Low. I could sure, but I drag and drop 2 items every 4 minutes and stack and sort and haul about once every hour. really 120-160M ISK a day for that kind of focus is pretty darn cool. Sure I could trade and make more with less effort. I agree, once I have the trade skills and the capital.

So why do I need ISK? Who does not need it right!? Well I am building a capital BPO set which falls into the "NOT FREE" bucket of stuff in EVE. Short term goals will cost me about 5.8 Billion in BPOs.

Things I am training:

SonOfBraben: Ice processing V, because I hate waste and the POS is hungry. After that more manufacturing skills, and perhaps a thanatos skill set for fun.

ZombiNutz: getting all missile skills to T2 IV from rockets-torps. Then I got my eye on a HAC build and a nice hurricane build. Should keep me busy for a bit.

Sister jayde: Meet sister jayde, the third accounts main. She is finishing her exhumers V training. Then she will hand the queue over to an alt to grind down the requirements for a RHEA. Said alt can pilot and has a Charon. this third account is proving very handy.

Real Life Stuffs:

In short. Kids are growing and doing great. Mrs. SOB still loves me. The summer in the USA is oddly hot for this time of year. tornadoes where they should not be. I got a new grill, and some nice grass fed beef. So life is good.

Work is busier than ever and my EVE time limited as a result. Hence the semi afk ice mining :) If work wants me 14 hours a day, they can deal with me dragging and dropping ice every 4 mins and hauling once an hour.

CNN Headline for Today:



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