Sunday, June 12, 2011

On the go sob #4

Sunday here in the real world. I've started to grind another R&D agent Corp standings. Having got all Lai Dai level 4 agents unlocked. It is now time for CreoDron. Doing distribution agents as couriers take me about 3 mins each and I can churn out those and storyline missions quick.

Ice prices in lonetrek have started to fall and frankly if I see another ice field in June I'll hurl. It had been a good run paying for a Charon, bustard, vexor, and hulk. With some extra healthy padding to the wallet.

This week it is off to remote mining systems to massacre rocks for a second orca, 5 ravens, and another Charon. I can almost solo mine (with three accounts) a Charon in 8 days. So with the Corp now with 5+ active hulk pilots. We should knock it out pretty quick.

Well off to the pool with the family.



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