Friday, July 29, 2011

Grand Master Plan...

We all have one. A Grand Master Plan that we strive towards. Some are simple like "I will kill EVERYONE in lowsec today!" and other more Grand "I will convince everyone in Providence I am the ONE true Ruler!". Yet most of us really just need ISK to pay for our plans. So one could consider making ISK and lot of it the common Grand Master Plan for most EVE players.

There are many ways to make ISK in EVE. From modest belt ratting and salvaging to multi faceted 0.0 mega conglomerates. I've been making 140-150M ISK a day mining ice 4 days a week of late. It's tedious work best suited for bots, but I can do it while engaged in other life tasks. So for me it's a pretty damn fine way to make isk requiring two drag and drops every 4 mins and a dock and unload every hour or so. Pretty much like watching any other of the processes I monitor daily.

Anyhow I have a few other passive income slots as well through P.I. and research. I also have this wonderful little highsec POS tucked away with lots of copy slots available. See the plan is not a new one, nor is it really that cunning. In fact a number of other bloggers are currently vacationing from there WH or 0.0 lives to do it. It's really just the BPC market and building anything from an Orca to a Dred. See today if I want to build an Orca, I have to shovel out 100M in BPCs to some one else or a Charon it's 200M for BPCs. NOT COOL!

Yet the cunning plan is not to do that anymore, but BUY my OWN capital ships and capital component BPOs and be the dude getting that 200M. Well that and adding 100-200M on top of the Orcas and Charons I build. Cunning plan yes YES it is.

BUT WAIT! Those Pesky ME and PE thingies are not there with new BPOs. Yeaps, this is true so this plan requires some nurturing and time to flourish. See an orca BPO takes about 8 months of stewing in a POS ME/PE lab before it can be really considered useful. Charon about the same. Capital components 1-2 months to simmer before serving. So really this is a 6-12 month plan of which I am well behind many other EvE players.

I am cool with this as, well I have my 5 day schedule where one day I do PI, feed the POS and stockpile rocks. Then the other 4 days I either mine rocks for corp projects, or suck in 1000+ blocks of white glaze to sell in the 138,000-154,000 per block markets we are seeing these days. So time and ISK I have on my side.

Anyhows, that's the Grand Master Plan as of today...



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